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ThingWorx Announces Alliance with CSC   July 30, 2013

The agreement allows the ThingWorx software platform to be embedded into CSC’s OmniLocation MachinEdge systems, enables cross licensing; and provides CSC with an application platform infrastructure for M2M solutions.More>>

IUS Technologies Unveils Utility Smart Sensor   July 24, 2013

The VS2000 incorporates both 3-phase voltage and current monitoring in a single device, and enables asset utilization, capacity management, load forecasting, and facility planning.More>>

Rajant Debuts New Portable BreadCrumb Model   July 23, 2013

The single-radio BreadCrumb JR ruggedized broadband nodes support 802.11a/b/g/n to create mobile Kinetic Mesh networks.More>>

HBM Launches Torque-Speed Measurement Systems   July 23, 2013

The robust construction of the T40B and T40FM frees companies from worrying about testing in harsh conditions and lets them focus on making accurate and reliable torque and speed measurements.More>>

Red Lion Announces Graphite Series HMIs   July 17, 2013

The interfaces offer expansion capabilities that allow users to enhance the system’s functionality with a variety of plug-in modules that support protocol conversion, data logging, and Web-based monitoring and control.More>>

451 Research Recognizes RF Code Leadership   July 17, 2013

In a recent report, the research firm identifies how critical real-time data is for the effective management of a modern data center and how RF Code has evolved to meet this demand.More>>

Pulse Debuts New Sidewinder Current Sensor   July 16, 2013

The non-round PA3207NL core-less, light-weight, lower cost sensor fits the standard buss bar of an ANSI 2S smart meter and targets applications requiring 0.2% accuracy.More>>

TI Announces Low-Power RF Transceiver   July 10, 2013

The SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC1200 delivers leading range and supports narrowband and wideband systems, with data rates up to 1Mbps for smart grid, home and building automation, and IEEE 802.15.4g applications.More>>

Tollgrade Announces Smart Grid Sensor Software   June 27, 2013

The latest version of LightHouse Sensor Management System software intelligently analyzes real-time grid conditions, helping utilities identify power outages quickly, detect the causes of failures, and protect substation transformers.More>>

Measurement Computing Debuts DAQami Software   June 26, 2013

The company announced the pre-release of the out-of-the-box software, which allows users of MCC DAQ hardware to acquire, view, and log data quickly and easily.More>>

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