Signal Conditioning

News, new products, and technical information on discrete components used in the sensor signal chain, including A/D conversion, D/A conversion, amplifiers, and filters.

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RF Signal Generator from Saelig   September 18, 2011

The Thurlby Thandar Instruments TGR6000 from Saelig Co. Inc., Pittsford, NY, is a 6 GHz RF signal generator intended for carrier wave applications where modulation is not required. More>>

Reference Design from National Semiconductor   September 18, 2011

The SolarMagic chipset from National Semiconductor Corp., Santa Clara, CA, is an arc detection reference design that uses analog front end (AFE) ICs and multiband dynamic filtering firmware to detect hazardous DC arc faults in photovoltaic (PV) systems. More>>

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PXI FPGA Modules from Geotest   September 18, 2011

The GX3700 and GX3700e from Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, Irvine, CA, are PXI and PXI Express FPGA modules that use the Altera Stratix III FPGA, which can support SerDes data rates to 1.25 GHz/s and I/O data rates to 700 MHz. More>>

Data Radio Expansion Modules from FreeWave   September 18, 2011

FreeWave Technologies, Boulder, CO, has added a new suite of IO Expansion modules for its wireless data radios. More>>

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100 kHz USB DA Modules from Data Translation   September 18, 2011

Data Translation Inc., Marlboro, MA, has added the DT9812A, DT9813A, and DT9814A to its ECONseries of USB-powered DA modules. More>>

EPIC: A New Epoch in Electric Potential Sensing   September 1, 2011

A novel electrometer manages to combine robustness with sensitivity, enabling a range of medical and other applications.More>>

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Universal Signal Conditioner from WAGO   August 21, 2011

The 857-402 JUMPFLEX Universal Signal Conditioner (USC) from WAGO Corp., Germantown, WI, supports 456 signal combinations. More>>

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Single-Wire 16-bit DAC from National Semiconductor   August 21, 2011

The DAC161P997 from National Semiconductor Corp., Santa Clara, CA, is a 16-bit delta-sigma DAC with a single-wire interface and 4–20 mA current-loop drive that simplifies the design of smart transmitters used in industrial 2-wire sensor systems. More>>

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Portable 96-Channel DA System from Dewetron   August 21, 2011

DEWE-3040 Series portable DA systems from Dewetron Inc., Wakefield, RI, offer up to 96 dynamic input channels, additional slower-input channels, and bus data channels such as CANbus, ARINC 429, and MIL-STD-1553. More>>

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Current to Analog Converter from ASI   August 21, 2011

Automation Systems Interconnect (ASI) Inc., Mechanicsburg, PA, offers a line of compact current to analog converters that are 6.2 mm wide and available in three current ranges from 0–1 A up to 0–10 A. More>>





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