Signal Conditioning

News, new products, and technical information on discrete components used in the sensor signal chain, including A/D conversion, D/A conversion, amplifiers, and filters.

Data Radio Expansion Modules from FreeWave   September 18, 2011

FreeWave Technologies, Boulder, CO, has added a new suite of IO Expansion modules for its wireless data radios. More>>

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100 kHz USB DA Modules from Data Translation   September 18, 2011

Data Translation Inc., Marlboro, MA, has added the DT9812A, DT9813A, and DT9814A to its ECONseries of USB-powered DA modules. More>>

EPIC: A New Epoch in Electric Potential Sensing   September 1, 2011

A novel electrometer manages to combine robustness with sensitivity, enabling a range of medical and other applications.More>>

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Universal Signal Conditioner from WAGO   August 21, 2011

The 857-402 JUMPFLEX Universal Signal Conditioner (USC) from WAGO Corp., Germantown, WI, supports 456 signal combinations. More>>

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Single-Wire 16-bit DAC from National Semiconductor   August 21, 2011

The DAC161P997 from National Semiconductor Corp., Santa Clara, CA, is a 16-bit delta-sigma DAC with a single-wire interface and 4–20 mA current-loop drive that simplifies the design of smart transmitters used in industrial 2-wire sensor systems. More>>

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Portable 96-Channel DA System from Dewetron   August 21, 2011

DEWE-3040 Series portable DA systems from Dewetron Inc., Wakefield, RI, offer up to 96 dynamic input channels, additional slower-input channels, and bus data channels such as CANbus, ARINC 429, and MIL-STD-1553. More>>

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Current to Analog Converter from ASI   August 21, 2011

Automation Systems Interconnect (ASI) Inc., Mechanicsburg, PA, offers a line of compact current to analog converters that are 6.2 mm wide and available in three current ranges from 0–1 A up to 0–10 A. More>>

Small, Fully Integrated 16-bit ADC from TI   August 7, 2011

The ADS1118 from Texas Instruments (TI) Inc,. Dallas, TX, is a 2 by 1.5 mm 16-bit delta-sigma ADC with integrated PGA, reference, temperature sensor, and 4-input multiplexer. More>>

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Multifunction Calibrator from Palmer Wahl   August 7, 2011

The Wahl C150 from Palmer Wahl Instruments, Asheville, NC, is a multifunction calibrator with easy-connect terminals, portable and benchtop flexibility, and embedded software. More>>

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Thermocouple Simulators from Omega Engineering   August 7, 2011

CL540ZA thermocouple simulators from Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT, can be used to check and calibrate all thermocouple instruments. More>>


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