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Our Top 50 Products List   November 13, 2006

This year the editors of Sensors did something new: We looked over all the new-product releases of the past year and compiled an index of our top choices. The result is November's cover story, Sensors' Top 50 Products of 2006. Of course any such exercise is subjective, but we think the list we...More>>

Getting Inside the Other Guy's Head-Part 2   November 10, 2006

In October, I discussed the role sensors play in neurofeedback- conditioning that rewards the brain for desired activity and discourages the objectionable. The process may sound like something out of Frankenstein, but it can help your child in school.More>>

The Big Brown Marble   November 9, 2006

When I was in Anaheim, California, on business a couple of years ago, more than one native Golden Stater remarked: I know New Hampshire's beautiful, but I don't think I could take the humidity. This struck me as hilarious, because as someone who grew up in Memphis (as in Tennessee), I think of my...More>>

Location Using Active RFID   November 8, 2006

Once upon a time, some bright spark said let's add little radio ID tags to things so we can track where they are! and after some growing pains and technological quick-steps, RFID has made steady inroads into enterprise asset management and logistics.More>>

Are You Among the 90% of SOA Adopters?   November 7, 2006

In his monthly Extreme Data column, Tom Kevan has described how service oriented architecture (SOA) software enhances the value of sensor data by making them quickly and easily available to large numbers of users. Now comes a benchmark report from the Aberdeen Group saying nine of every ten...More>>

An Inadvertent Barrier to Entry?   November 6, 2006

Technological Darwinism-the theory that the best products achieve the broadest adoption-is an urban myth. The disposition of R&D dollars and the content of standards determine, to a large extent, which technologies get a chance to prove themselves. Given this, what effect will the new SP100...More>>

Compassion in Action   November 3, 2006

Accidental drownings and near-drownings are second only to traffic accidents in the toll they take on children's lives between the ages of 1 and 14. Two innovators drew on their experience in developing digital signal processing based products, primarily for radar and sonar applications, to create...More>>

High-Definition Weather Forecasting   November 2, 2006

We've come a long way in understanding and predicting weather conditions. As new sensing, analysis, and communications technologies become available, forecasting becomes more accurate and timely. But we always want more, faster. Well, we just might get our wish.More>>

Your World, From the Air   November 1, 2006

We live in interesting times, and I don't just mean in the Chinese curse sense of the phrase. I stumbled across this story on the BBC site, which talks about aerial photographs and how they're used.More>>

Safe Motoring-If You'll Pay   October 31, 2006

I cannot get enough of that TV commercial featuring the self-parking sedan. Reading about the sensor-based technology that makes such a trick possible was a wowee experience, but watching it actually work-well, I might as well be seeing my first horseless carriage. We've been bringing you regular...More>>

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