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Nanotechnology: A Pet Peeve   September 28, 2007

Recently, I received a press release about some biosensor market research. And it made pretty interesting reading until it started discussing nano-biosensors and the potential challenges they'd face, including (but not limited to) getting FDA approval and the fact that no one has yet been able to...More>>

Drowning in Data   September 21, 2007

Two weeks ago, in Will Sensors Outnumber Insects?, I talked about the increase in the number of sensors in our environment and that we should think long and hard about how we use the data collected. Reader Jay Nemeth-Johannes disagreed that my examples crossed the line, although he agreed about...More>>

Process Analytical Technologies Can Provide a Quality Answer   September 14, 2007

The life sciences industry has used process analytical technologies (PAT) for many years, and the chemical and petrochemical industries have applied them even longer. Manufacturers have long recognized the need to understand their processes and technologies. The acceptance and guidance by the Food...More>>

Will Sensors Outnumber Insects?   September 7, 2007

The number and type of sensors in our lives is increasing, whether it's through our increasingly sophisticated cars or the sensors scattered through our environment. While I'm not sure the number of sensors will, in fact, outpace the insect population, one prediction says there will be more than a...More>>

The Hudson Under the Microscope   August 31, 2007

In recent environmental monitoring news, IBM and the Beacon Institute are designing and implementing an extensive collection of sensors and monitoring equipment in the Hudson river in New York state. And they aren't just instrumenting part of it–the plan is to monitor all 315 miles. No mean...More>>

Uncertain About Uncertainty?   August 24, 2007

Measurement uncertainty is one of the parameters you have to deal with to develop a working specification for a measurement device. Unfortunately, the term is relatively new in the engineering lexicon. So let's get a clearer understanding of the concept's meaning.More>>

Educating Engineers   August 17, 2007

After last week's essay about my minimum requirements for things such as bridges, roads, dams, tunnels, and buildings (namely, that they not fall down), I've had a number of very interesting conversations. Because of which I would like to ask you a question.More>>

Can We Get Smarter Structures Now?   August 10, 2007

Last week a bridge in Minnesota fell down. This week, criminal charges have been filed against Big Dig suppliers who have been implicated in the tunnel ceiling collapse that killed a Massachusetts woman. The part that kills me in all of this is that both events were preventable.More>>

Accident Spotting in the Wild   August 3, 2007

In urban areas and other densely populated regions, if your car crashes, chances are very good that your accident will be noticed and reported PDQ-if for no other reason than that your accident is holding up traffic. But we've got a lot of roads in the U.S. and most of them pass through some pretty...More>>

Plant Data Historians   July 27, 2007

Applications in which sensors provide data are growing exponentially, allowing manufacturers to refine their operations and enhance their efficiencies. The more sensors show they can do, the more they are asked to do. But the sensor is just the front end of the process. If you can't aggregate the...More>>





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