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The Future of National Distributed Control Systems   December 8, 2006

You can't define networked embedded control of cyber physical systems without factoring in the concept of fragility.More>>

Coming to Terms with Wireless   December 7, 2006

Wireless communications have not yet achieved plug-and-play status; however, neither are they the magic sold by flim-flam artists. The wireless market desperately needs to educate potential users to set realistic expectations. Wireless installations work, but only after both the technology provider...More>>

Tattletale Shoes   December 6, 2006

So, in August, Nike and Apple introduced some very swank shoes that use a small wireless sensor on the shoe to communicate the runner's performance with a receiver attached to his or her iPod. Today (a mere four months later) I learn that some bright sparks from the University of Washington have...More>>

Redefining Sensors   December 5, 2006

In most cases, basic sensing technology is mature and unlikely to change much. But don't get too comfortable; the concept of what constitutes a sensor is changing drastically. New capabilities are being added to enable these familiar devices to take on new applications.More>>

Brotherly Love: Barnett Fears Not   December 4, 2006

The most recent syndicated article by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Barnett, titled Loving Big Brother, took up the topic of ubiquitous sensing. Do the emerging technology's advantages outweigh its disadvantages?More>>

A Walk in the Woods, with Sensors   December 1, 2006

Far to the west of the Mississippi River are the Rocky Mountains, new, raw and breathtaking in their seemingly sudden rise. On the east side of that river lies the Appalachian Chain, older and more weathered down, and known to hikers for the trail that begins in Spring Mountain, Georgia, and ends...More>>

Putting Measurement into Perspective   November 30, 2006

What often eludes us, but is worth keeping in mind, is that measurement itself is a process and can be treated as such. Calibration and traceability are parts of that process, and all have the same fundamental limitation as all measurements: Uncertainty Rules!More>>

Not an Either-Or Proposition   November 29, 2006

The debate over batteries vs. power harvesting in wireless sensor applications is fermenting just below the surface as the RF technology gains broader acceptance. The mistake some of us have made is to look for the supremacy of one technology in all instances. That will not be the case.More>>

Large Scale Security Approach Has Larger Implications   November 28, 2006

Securing large facilities-including public spaces-from so many threats seems a daunting task. Besides new technology, new business agreements are pushing forward developments to aid the effort. A couple of recent announcements illustrate this point-and have implications for more modest security...More>>

Putting a Spike in the Spokes   November 27, 2006

The charms of the SUV continue to elude me. Trying to peer around some monster bulk parked at the corner of School and Grove streets here in Peterborough when I want to turn right without getting T-boned is a sweaty proposition. It's worse after a winter storm, when snow banks along the curbs mean...More>>

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