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Getting Inside the Other Guy's Head   October 13, 2006

The news is full of stories telling of instances where sensors have made it possible to better understand our physical world, from earthquakes and tsunamis to volcanic activity and undersea seismic disruptions. For some time now, they have also helped us understand disruptive conditions inside our...More>>

RFID: Don't Leave Home Without It   October 12, 2006

Like the rain, which falleth upon the just and unjust, technology is basically neutral. (There are some obvious exceptions, but their number is small, we all know what they are, and I'm not going to talk about them today.) What I am going to talk about is how quickly neutrality erodes when someone...More>>

Bright Ideas and Bunches of Intelligent Others   October 11, 2006

So, bright and early (local time) on Monday, an underground nuclear test was (allegedly) performed in North Korea. I'm not going to talk about the politics, rightness, wrongness, or even wrong-headedness of this. What I am going to talk about is the data collected, and what interested laypeople did...More>>

Saving Lives On the Gridiron-And Off   October 10, 2006

Football is a dangerous sport. But a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor illustrates that sensor-enhanced equipment is making the game safer. New technologies aimed at making the sport safer for athletes are examples of how high-tech devices may spread throughout the game in coming...More>>

The Pervasive Network   October 9, 2006

Described in abstract terms in a report last month, the vehicle for enhanced connectivity takes on tangible form in a disaster-victim tracking system demonstrated in Belgium. This advanced implementation shows how cutting-edge technologies will increasingly come together in the future.More>>

Birthed from Texas Instruments   October 6, 2006

The World Depends on Sensors and Controls. That's the tagline of the firm that calls itself the newest 90-year old company in America. That company, Sensata, was born this year from the legacy of Texas Instruments-and it plans to have a big impact on industrial sensing and control.More>>

The Fragility Factor   October 5, 2006

The reliability of wireless systems has long been the Achilles' heel of the technology. Perhaps one of the first steps toward allaying the fears of users is to come up with litmus test to gauge the system?s vitality.More>>

Engineering vs. the Bottom Line   October 4, 2006

On your way from Montreal (assuming you eluded that unspeakable overpass collapse in Laval) to Rhode Island you might want to go west of Boston. Tunnel Terror's on the rise again, and with good reason. The bolt story is something out of Dilbert's nightmares. This would be the perfect time to...More>>

Things to Avoid on Your Commute   October 3, 2006

I'll have to add collapsing overpasses to my list of things I'd prefer not to encounter while driving. The recent catastrophic failure of part of the overpass near Montreal, Canada, is an illustration of why structural monitoring is your friend.More>>

Sensors' Inaugural Engineer of the Year   October 2, 2006

Inspired by the tragic loss of a young engineer whose life and potential were cut short, Sensors last year announced the launch of its Engineer of the Year award. After reading and weighing the relative merits of all submissions, we editors decided on a winner-or rather, a group of winners.More>>

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