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Engineering vs. the Bottom Line   October 4, 2006

On your way from Montreal (assuming you eluded that unspeakable overpass collapse in Laval) to Rhode Island you might want to go west of Boston. Tunnel Terror's on the rise again, and with good reason. The bolt story is something out of Dilbert's nightmares. This would be the perfect time to...More>>

Things to Avoid on Your Commute   October 3, 2006

I'll have to add collapsing overpasses to my list of things I'd prefer not to encounter while driving. The recent catastrophic failure of part of the overpass near Montreal, Canada, is an illustration of why structural monitoring is your friend.More>>

Sensors' Inaugural Engineer of the Year   October 2, 2006

Inspired by the tragic loss of a young engineer whose life and potential were cut short, Sensors last year announced the launch of its Engineer of the Year award. After reading and weighing the relative merits of all submissions, we editors decided on a winner-or rather, a group of winners.More>>

The Human Side of Connectivity   September 29, 2006

Technology, moving at blinding speed, is redefining the way we live, work, and play. A lot of time and effort are spent trying to discern how the new tools will impact the way the existing infrastructure will perform. I think a more important question is: How will they impact the way people...More>>

Having it All without Doing it All-The Dark Side   September 28, 2006

In a previous blog I shared some thoughts about outsourcing, and how I believe it to be a valuable tool for improving the effectiveness and productivity of your business. Like the Force, however, outsourcing can be used for both good and evil. Today I'll discuss some of its less savory aspects.More>>

Staying in the Saddle   September 27, 2006

Several lifetimes ago I used to ride behind a friend who had the biggest BMW bike on the market. If he were to drop that monster he'd need chocks and a block and tackle to right it again. His Beamer had every imaginable bell and whistle-except for safety equipment. The sensor technology that would...More>>

Education-It Never Ends   September 26, 2006

To keep current with new techniques and technologies, many professions require an ongoing education process. Engineers in the industrial automation sector certainly fall into this category. The good news is there's lots of help out there. All you have to do is know where to look.More>>

Better Vision, Courtesy of Bees   September 25, 2006

Machine vision is evolving and becoming more important-and not only for the industrial automation and inspection applications Barbara Goode recently highlighted in her blog entry What the New Direction in Vision Sensing Means for You. Autonomous robotics-research into robots that can find their own...More>>

What the New Direction in Vision Sensing Means for You   September 22, 2006

Vision sensing has undergone dramatic change in the past few years. High-end machine vision systems, the original vision sensing technology, is still important for certain types of inspection, but technology advances and decreased costs have made possible the heretofore inconceivable: Camera phones...More>>

Got a Problem? Throw Technology at It.   September 21, 2006

The U.S. government has been turning to sophisticated technology to solve domestic and international problems for some time. Although the results are often successful, the path to the solutions is all too often clumsy, inefficient, and expensive. Recent attempts to secure our borders reinforce the...More>>

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