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Asset Tracking for All!   March 29, 2007

There's a lot happening in the exciting world of enterprise resource management and asset tracking-AT&T is getting into the sensor-based networking game, and IBM just launched software to aggregate and analyze the vast quantities of data from RFID tags and sensors, to name two of the bigger names...More>>

Psychology vs. Technology   March 22, 2007

One of the things I read religiously whenever it appears in my inbox is Bruce Schneier's Crypto-gram, an email newsletter devoted to security-related topics. The most recent issue included an essay on the psychology of security. To quote Schneier, Security is both a feeling and a reality. And...More>>

Next-Generation Energy Sources   March 15, 2007

It takes more than a few R&D announcements before you see real change in a technology. But you know a trend is becoming a reality when there is a steady increase in related technical conferences and product offerings. Today, word is circulating about many different types of new battery technologies.More>>

Letting the Light In   March 8, 2007

Continuing the trend of open review that's been cropping up in the world of scholarly research, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is starting a pilot project wherein people on the Internet can submit comments on patent claims. This is a very interesting idea and (although I'm sure there...More>>

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back   March 1, 2007

In early February, I listened to the coverage of the British inquest for Lance Corporal Matty Hull's death by friendly fire in Iraq. Hearing the cockpit audio was chilling-we've got the most advanced weaponry and communications we've ever had, and we still can't avoid friendly fire incidents....More>>

MEMS State of the Union   February 22, 2007

As a strategic marketing consultant specializing in MEMS, I intend to provide Sensors? readers with an up to the minute assessment addressing some of the most interesting, important and critical news in the MEMS industry and its associated technologies. I will address here, from a commercialization...More>>

The Pressure Is on for Wireless Interoperability   February 8, 2007

Serious discussion of wireless sensor industrial networks has been going on for over ten years. It's about time we stopped and asked: Where are we with this technology? Where are we going? And what do we need to get there? The answer to the last question is interoperability.More>>

Sensor Gateways to Enterprise Systems   February 1, 2007

Data derived from sensors can no longer be limited to the plant floor. Powerful forces are moving to integrate it with other related enterprise systems, pulling sensor data all the way to the boardroom. The key technology making this practical is the conduit that now links the physical world of...More>>

Danger In the Air   January 25, 2007

Airborne pollution falls into two major categories. There's careless, casual contamination (some of it being created halfway across the globe and wafting our way) caused mainly by noxious emissions. And then there's the cruel, calculated kind-the sort that's on our minds continually in this age of...More>>

Practice Makes Perfect   January 18, 2007

According to this recent story in the Des Moines Register, accidents caused by winter road conditions peak in November and decrease as the winter progresses. Because, apparently, the more practice we get driving in nasty winter weather conditions, the better we get at it.More>>

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