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Your World, From the Air   November 1, 2006

We live in interesting times, and I don't just mean in the Chinese curse sense of the phrase. I stumbled across this story on the BBC site, which talks about aerial photographs and how they're used.More>>

Safe Motoring-If You'll Pay   October 31, 2006

I cannot get enough of that TV commercial featuring the self-parking sedan. Reading about the sensor-based technology that makes such a trick possible was a wowee experience, but watching it actually work-well, I might as well be seeing my first horseless carriage. We've been bringing you regular...More>>

ISA Expo 2006-The Sensors Report, Part 4   October 30, 2006

Last week I told you about the major theme for sensors at ISA Expo 2006: Wireless networking. But that wasn't the only theme at the show. For instance, much activity surrounded chemical and biological sensing.More>>

ISA Expo 2006-The Sensors Report, Part 3   October 27, 2006

"We can no longer be just engineers, we must also be business managers, said Steve Muenstermann of Honeywell Process Solutions during a conversation at ISA Expo last week. His point: Wireless sensor networking enables so much opportunity that engineers need to step out of their traditional role to...More>>

Get Clear About Calibration   October 26, 2006

Things aren't always what they seem to be. This is certainly true of calibration certificates and services. To identify the real stuff and achieve the traceability required to meet ISO and AIAG standards, try the following roadmap.More>>

Fits and Starts   October 25, 2006

When I was little, I'd hang out with my father and ask him, How can we do this? and Why does that happen? These were not philosophical questions. They were about my observed world. If Dad didn't have a ready answer, he'd say the magic words: Let's Find Out! I wish our country would get (back) into...More>>

ISA Expo 2006-The Sensors Report, Part 2   October 24, 2006

Just after I wrote that ZigBee seems to have ceded its place in the industrial arena to other standards still in development, I picked up a news release that I'd collected at Cirronet's ISA Expo booth. The release discussed something I'd found particularly intriguing-an industrial application that...More>>

ISA Expo 2006-The Sensors Report, Part 1   October 23, 2006

Much of the buzz at last week's ISA Expo centered-as it did at Sensors Expo in June-on wireless networking. The event showcased intrigue concerning wireless sensor networking standards, plus product and strategy announcements from major vendors, startups, and others in between.More>>

Blurring the Distinction   October 20, 2006

For some time, IT professionals and factory floor engineers and operators have viewed business networks and sensing and control networks as two separate worlds. But the crush of competition and the drive of technology are proving them wrong.More>>

Off-Label Uses and More Unintended Consequences   October 19, 2006

The idea of the cell phone is fairly simple: Hey, how about a phone you can take with you, wherever you go! What's more interesting, at least to me, are some of the unexpected uses that have cropped up.More>>

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