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Plant Data Historians   July 27, 2007

Applications in which sensors provide data are growing exponentially, allowing manufacturers to refine their operations and enhance their efficiencies. The more sensors show they can do, the more they are asked to do. But the sensor is just the front end of the process. If you can't aggregate the...More>>

Watching the Weather   July 20, 2007

I don't know about you, but we residents of New Hampshire have had a very stormy spring and summer so far. Between the torrential rains and the frequent violent thunderstorms, it's been anything but dull. Luckily for me and my newfound awareness of extreme weather, there are some very interesting...More>>

Good Vibrations   July 13, 2007

The flurry over the Orbo, the most recent entry in the list of perpetual motion machines highlights our desire to get free energy. Unfortunately for us, the pesky laws of thermodynamics regularly thwart these endeavors. Energy harvesting, however, makes the second law work for us.More>>

Data Visualization Everywhere I Look   July 6, 2007

Recently I stumbled on several discussions of using data analysis as a public health measure. The first concerned a Victorian cholera epidemic, the next covered modern-day cholera epidemics in India, and the third discussed a new early warning system for public health that's currently in...More>>

Choosing the Right Sensor   June 29, 2007

Efficient automation is built on reliable measurements that fall within acceptable error tolerances. Whether your approach is called statistical process control or Six Sigma, the very root of measurement quality depends on selecting the right sensor for the job. To do this, you'll have to pick a...More>>

Going Green   June 22, 2007

Considering some of the conversations I had at Sensors Expo last week, I read this recent release from ON World with a great deal of interest. It seems that wireless sensor networks (WSNs to those in the know) are increasingly being tapped for energy saving endeavors.More>>

The Best of Sensors Expo Awards-This Year's Winners!   June 14, 2007

Beginning in 1999, Sensors has used the Best of Sensors Expo Award to recognize those new products, on display at Sensors Expo, that we consider the most interesting and noteworthy. And over the years we've seen some jaw-droppingly cool things. On Tuesday of this week—aided and abetted by Ed...More>>

The Quest for Quality   June 7, 2007

Process and discrete manufacturers have pursued quality assurance with varying degrees of intensity. The current creed, process analytical technology, has found a home in some industries and missed the mark in others. Guess who's onboard.More>>

Batten Down the Hatches   June 1, 2007

Welcome to June 1, official start date of the yearly hurricane season. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has already issued advisories on tropical depression Alvin and tropical storm Barbara. The bad news is that the NHC is predicting a 75% probability of an above normal Atlantic hurricane...More>>

Smart Power   May 25, 2007

As a general rule, humans aren't terribly good at planning ahead or dealing with distant threats. We do immediate threats well, however: give us a nice, meaty challenge with a looming deadline and people can become really, really inventive. The majority of people didn't have global warming on their...More>>




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