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Sharply Lower Costs for Uncooled IR Sensors May Spur Growth   June 25, 2010

Sharply falling prices are creating a fast-growing market for commercial infrared sensors, for everything from night vision systems for automobiles and boats, to locating leaks in roofing and scanning airline passengers for fevers.More>>

Freescale Unveils New Era Of Sensing   June 23, 2010

Freescale's Xtrinsic sensing solutions for motion and touch applications boost sensing context and performance for next-generation applications.More>>

TowerJazz CIS Technology Selected by Canesta   June 23, 2010

TowerJazz will manufacture Canesta's 3D image sensors; $9.7B CMOS image sensor market will be fueled by the new 3D sensors.More>>

Millar Offers Implantable Pressure Transmitters   June 22, 2010

Through its partnership with Telemetry Research, Millar Instruments offers the fully implantable TRM53P pressure transmitter with digital data transmission and wireless inductive power charging.More>>

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3D Laser Scanner from Trimble   June 20, 2010

The CX from Trimble Navigation Ltd., Dayton, OH, is a 3D laser scanner that uses the company's WAVEPULSE technology to provide the short-range accuracy of phase-shift measurements with the low-noise sensitivity and high-distance characteristics of time-of-flight.More>>

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Angle Measurement System from Silicon Sensing   June 20, 2010

The SS-30001 from Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd., Plymouth, U.K. combines the company's CRG20 MEMS ring gyro with a display/amplifier box, allowing you to measure angle or angular rate in an industrial or test environment.More>>

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High-Speed 3D Camera from SICK   June 20, 2010

The ColorRanger E from SICK Inc., Minneapolis, MN, is a high-speed 3D camera capable of measuring both the 3D shape and the color of objects.More>>

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Inline Vibration Transmitter from PCB   June 20, 2010

The Model 682A09 from PCB Piezotronics Inc., IMI Sensors Div., Depew, NY, is a vibration transmitter that installs inline with any industrial accelerometer and converts the vibration signal to a 4–20 mA velocity output.More>>

Current Sensor from Pacific Scientific OECO   June 20, 2010

The F.W. Bell CS20 Series Hall effect current sensor from Pacific Scientific OECO, Milwaukie, OR, is designed to improve the performance of solar energy support products.More>>

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High-Speed IR Linescanner from Land   June 20, 2010

The LSP-HD from Land Instruments International, Dronfield, U.K. is a high-speed, high-definition IR linescanner for industrial process imaging.More>>

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