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Chemical Sensors from Synkera   July 25, 2010

Synkera Technologies Inc., Longmont, CO, offers MikroKera hydrogen and VOC sensors for use in industrial health and safety, air-quality monitoring, and process control applications.More>>

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Rolling Resistance Load Cell from Sensor Developments   July 25, 2010

The 50012 Series rolling resistance load cell from Sensor Developments Inc., Orion, MI, is a multicomponent force transducer designed to measure the rolling resistance for the automotive tire manufacturing and test industry.More>>

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Thermal Imager from Omega Engineering   July 25, 2010

The OSXL-101 from Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT, is a compact IR thermal imaging sensor that produces a thermal image and measures real-time temperature up to 300°C.More>>

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Shock Accelerometers from Meggitt   July 25, 2010

The Endevco Model 72 Series piezoresistive accelerometers from Meggitt Sensing Systems, San Juan Capistrano, CA, are high-g, SMT-mountable devices for high-reliability acceleration, vibration, and shock measurements.More>>

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Moisture Monitor from MEECO   July 25, 2010

The M-i from MEECO Inc., Warrington, PA, is a moisture monitor designed for clean solar-grade gas.More>>

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Thermocouple DA Module from IPETRONIK   July 25, 2010

The Mc-THERMOi K8 from IPETRONIK GmbH & Co. KG, Baden-Baden, Germany, has 8 electrically isolated analog inputs for Type K thermocouples and voltages up to ±30 V.More>>

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RTD Transmitter Module from IFM Efector   July 25, 2010

The TP3237 from ifm efector inc., Exton, PA, is a temperature transmitter module that turns any Pt100 or Pt1000 RTD probe into a programmable transmitter.More>>

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Miniature Photoelectric Sensors from IDEC   July 25, 2010

SA1E-X miniature photoelectric sensors from IDEC Corp., Sunnyvale, CA, detect transparent or translucent objects and have a 500 µs response speed.More>>

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Piezoelectric Force Washer from HBM   July 25, 2010

The compact, 20 kN version of the CFW Series from HBM, Marlborough, MA, is a piezoelectric force washer with a 14.5 mm dia. and 7 mm height.More>>

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Liquid Mist Monitor from FilterSense   July 25, 2010

The Model LM 70DGX from FilterSense, Beverly, MA, detects and monitors flowing, fine liquid droplets in pipes, ducts, stacks, and small tubing.More>>

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