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Information about all types of sensors

Handheld Test, Calibration System from GE Product
Handheld Test, Calibration System from GE   July 9, 2008

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, Billerica, MA, offers the Advanced Modular Calibration System which uses 3 basic components to provide multifunction calibration and pressure measurement and generation. The DPI 620 forms the core and can measure and source mA, mV, V, ohms, frequency, and a...More>>

Heavy-Duty Psychrometer from Extech Product
Heavy-Duty Psychrometer from Extech   July 9, 2008

The HD500 from Extech Instruments, Waltham, MA, combines the functions of a precision humidity meter, IR thermometer, and built-in Type K thermometer. Designed to meet the needs of the HVACR industry, the meter's IR thermometer has a temperature range to 500°C with a 30:1 distance to target...More>>

Wireless Sensors from Digi International Product
Wireless Sensors from Digi International   July 9, 2008

Digi International, Minnetonka, MN, offers battery-powered XBee wireless sensors for integration with the company's Drop-in Networking products or ZigBee networks. Sensors are available for temperature and light or temperature, light, and humidity. You can integrate them with Drop-in Networking...More>>

Color Sensor from Delta Computer Systems Product
Color Sensor from Delta Computer Systems   July 9, 2008

The CS24D from Delta Computer Systems Inc., Vancouver, WA, reads colors of textured and other difficult materials more accurately by using a large sensing area and consistent, diffuse lighting from its 24 ultra-bright LEDs. You can sort based on color only or both color and intensity. Features...More>>

6-Channel Synchro PCI Card from DDC Product
6-Channel Synchro PCI Card from DDC   July 9, 2008

The SB-3624x synchro angle position indicator half-size PCI card from Data Device Corp. (DDC), Bohemia, NY, offers 6 input channels with an onboard reference oscillator and optional transformer isolation. Features include six independent resolver-to-digital conversion channels, accuracy to 1 arc...More>>

Extended-Bandwidth Vibration Sensors from Colibrys Product
Extended-Bandwidth Vibration Sensors from Colibrys   July 9, 2008

Colibrys Ltd., Neuchâtel, Switzerland, offers the VS9000 extended-bandwidth capacitive vibration sensors that can replace piezoresistive sensors in health and usage monitoring, aeronautics, railway technologies, and automotive crash testing. The sensors are available with measuring ranges...More>>

Industrial Accelerometer from Wilcoxon Research Product
Industrial Accelerometer from Wilcoxon Research   June 25, 2008

The 780A from Wilcoxon Research, Germantown, MD, is a general-purpose 100 mV/g vibration sensor with a ±5% tolerance and a 3 dB frequency response from 0.4 Hz to 14 kHz. Features include an operating temperature range from –50°C to 120°C, ESD protection, EMI/RFI shielding,...More>>

8-Axis Motion Controller, Servo Drive from Technosoft Product
8-Axis Motion Controller, Servo Drive from Technosoft   June 25, 2008

The TMC-3D from Technosoft, Bevaix, Switzerland, combines a multi-axis motion controller and a digital servo drive. Based on the company's MotionChip technology, the device controls (via CANbus) up to 8 intelligent drives. Its embedded servo drive is suitable for DC, brushless, and step motors up...More>>

Fatigue-Rated Load Cell from Stellar Technology Product
Fatigue-Rated Load Cell from Stellar Technology   June 25, 2008

The PNC740 from Stellar Technology Inc., Amherst, NY, is a fatigue-rated pancake-style load cell with up to 0.03% BFSL accuracy over a 100 million cycle lifetime. The load cell can handle ranges from 250 lb. to 100,000 lb., has overload capacity of 200% F.S., off-axis loading sensitivity of 0.25%,...More>>

Cameras with GigE Vision from Princeton Instruments Product
Cameras with GigE Vision from Princeton Instruments   June 25, 2008

Princeton Instruments, Trenton, NJ, offers its MegaPlus cameras with a GigE Vision data interface for demanding vision applications. The cameras have resolution ranges from 1.6–16 Megapixels. The GigE Vision interface eliminates the need for frame grabbers and supports data transmission over...More>>