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6-Axis Motion Processing from InvenSense Product
6-Axis Motion Processing from InvenSense   June 3, 2009

InvenSense Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, offers ISZ single-axis yaw gyro sensors and IME-3000 triaxial accelerometers with 3 analog inputs that, combined with the IDG dual-axis roll and pitch gyros, can provide 6-axis MEMS-based motion processing for consumer electronics applications. The combination...More>>

Wireless Discrete Input Transmitters from Honeywell Product
Wireless Discrete Input Transmitters from Honeywell   June 3, 2009

Honeywell, Phoenix, AZ, offers the STXW 500 and STTW 401 members of its XYR 6000 family of wireless devices. The two transmitters convert any measurement device with a contact-closure switch input into a wireless input. Transmitters are suited for wirelessly monitoring level switches, pump status,...More>>

Photoelectric Analog Sensors from Contrinex Product
Photoelectric Analog Sensors from Contrinex   June 3, 2009

Series 3130 sensors from Contrinex Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, have a sensing range from 10–100 mm, independent of color or surface structure of the object to be detected, and are 30 by 30 by 15 mm. Analog sensors have temperature stability between –25°C to 55°C and feature a 500 Hz...More>>

Open-Loop MEMS Accelerometer from Colibrys Product
Open-Loop MEMS Accelerometer from Colibrys   June 3, 2009

The RS9010.A from Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd., Neuchatel, Switzerland, is the first of its IRIS open-loop accelerometer family designed to displace traditional vibrating quartz and electromechanical systems. The ±10 g sensor is designed for AHRS and mid-accuracy navigation applications and...More>>

Digital 3D Cameras from Baumer Product
Digital 3D Cameras from Baumer   June 3, 2009

TZG01 digital 3D cameras from Baumer Ltd., Southington, CT, are designed to replace multiple camera systems and are suited for robotic guidance and material handling/logistics systems. The cameras incorporate an integrated time of flight (ToF) sensor, lens, and LED and feature frame rates up to 54...More>>

Magnetic Field Sensor from Balluff Product
Magnetic Field Sensor from Balluff   June 3, 2009

The V-Twin from Balluff Inc., Florence, KY, combines two magnetic field sensors with one connector, enabling detection of multiple positions on pneumatic grippers and cylinders and doubling the number of sensors in a multiple interface box. The sensors use magnetoresistive technology to detect the...More>>

Signal Conditioning Modules from Advantech Product
Signal Conditioning Modules from Advantech   June 3, 2009

The ADAM-3112 and ADAM-3114 signal conditioning modules from Advantech Corp., Industrial Automation Group, Cincinnati, OH, convert up to 400 VAC or 5 A AC signals to 0–5 VDC signals for DA cards. The ADAM-3112 is an isolated AC voltage to DC voltage module that provides 0~120 Vrms, 0~250 Vrms...More>>

Sonic Nirvana: MEMS Accelerometers as Acoustic Pickups in Musical Instruments   June 1, 2009

MEMS sensors are in our cars, phones, PCs, cameras, and a variety of other applications but until now, they've never been attached to a guitar. The authors seek to answer the question: Can you use a MEMS accelerometer as an acoustic transducer?More>>

Capacitive Sensor Operation Part 2: System Optimization   June 1, 2009

Part 2 of this two-part article focuses on how to optimize the performance of your capacitive sensor, and to understand how target material, shape, and size will affect the sensor's response.More>>

GigE Machine Vision Cameras from Toshiba Teli Product
GigE Machine Vision Cameras from Toshiba Teli   May 20, 2009

Toshiba Teli America Inc., Irvine, CA, offers the CSGU15BC18 Gigabit Ethernet machine vision camera that can capture 1600 by 1200 uncompressed monochrome images at 15 frames/s. Part of the company's GiantDragon line of cameras, the CSGU15BC18 features random shutter mode, scalable ROI, a GigE...More>>

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