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Image Sensor from Banner Engineering   February 13, 2011

The iVu Plus TG image sensor from Banner Engineering Europe, Diegem, Belgium, features integrated lighting, adjustable-focus lenses, automatic exposure control, and high-speed processing for monitoring labels, parts, and packaging for type, size, orientation, shape, and location.More>>

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Rotational Viscometer from ATS RheoSystems   February 13, 2011

The compact Merlin from ATS RheoSystems, Bordentown, NJ, is a high-performance rotational viscometer capable of steady-shear and yield-stress testing.More>>

Noise Measurement   February 1, 2011

This article provides general guidelines for characterizing the noise performance of MEMS accelerometers.More>>

Measuring Cavitation in Ultrasonic Cleaners and Processors   February 1, 2011

This article introduces a novel spatially-sensitive acoustic cavitation sensor and demonstrates its performance by evaluating the cavitation in an ultrasonic cleaning system and a sonocrystallization processor.More>>

Meta Vision Systems Offers Welding Guidance System   February 1, 2011

The new version of the VistaWeld laser guidance system for automated welding is intended for use in longitudinal pipe mills.More>>

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SWIR Line-Scan Cameras from Xenics   January 30, 2011

The Lynx high-speed, high-sensitivity SWIR line-scan camera from Xenics, Leuven, Belgium, is suited for use in high-resolution medical OCT, spectroscopy, and industrial inspection applications.More>>

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Chlorine Dioxide Sensor from Sensorex   January 30, 2011

The CLD Series chlorine dioxide sensor from Sensorex, Garden Grove, CA, is available in 0–2 ppm and 0–10 ppm measurement ranges for use in applications such as water treatment disinfection and chlorine dioxide generators.More>>

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MEMS Flow Sensor from OMRON   January 30, 2011

The D6F-70 from OMRON Corp., Kyoto, Japan, is a 70 lpm MEMS flow sensor optimized for measuring the gas flow rate of fuel cell systems.More>>

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Low-Mass Accelerometer from Meggitt Sensing Systems   January 30, 2011

The Endevco Model 2228C from Meggitt Sensing Systems, San Juan Capistrano, CA, is a rugged low-mass triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer suited for a variety of general vibration-testing requirements.More>>

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Oxygen Sensor from Hummingbird Sensing Technology   January 30, 2011

The Paracube Micro from Hummingbird Sensing Technology, Crowborough, U.K., is a paramagnetic oxygen sensor for integration into fixed-point oxygen monitoring systems.More>>

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