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Tilt-Compensated Digital Compass from PNI Sensor   July 8, 2009

The TCM6 from PNI Sensor Corp., Santa Rosa, CA, combines magneto-inductive sensors, a triaxial accelerometer, and algorithms in a temperature- and noise-stabilized design to provide 3-axis orientation performance. The device features a high SNR, is immune to background electrical noise, and is free...More>>

Analyzer for Scintillation Detectors from ORTEC Product
Analyzer for Scintillation Detectors from ORTEC   July 8, 2009

ORTEC Products Group, AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology, Oak Ridge, TN, offers the DigiDART-LF portable, multichannel analyzer for sodium iodide (NaI Tl), lanthanum bromide (LaBr3:Ce) and other scintillation detectors for portable gamma ray spectroscopy applications. The rugged, lightweight...More>>

Wireless RTD Probe/Transmitter from Omega Product
Wireless RTD Probe/Transmitter from Omega   July 8, 2009

Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, CT, offers the UWRTD-NB9W Series of wireless RTD probe assemblies for sanitary applications. Each device combines a complete, ready-to-install, prewired Pt100 sensor and a wireless transmitter package. Each wireless unit will transmit measurements back to a host...More>>

Thermocouple DA Module from NI Product
Thermocouple DA Module from NI   July 8, 2009

The NI 9123 from National Instruments, Austin, TX, is a 16-channel thermocouple input module for the company's C Series DA platform. The module features built-in cold-junction compensation, 24-bit ADC for up to 0.02°C measurement sensitivity, high-speed mode for sampling up to 1200 sps...More>>

Wireless Controller from Millennial Net Product
Wireless Controller from Millennial Net   July 8, 2009

The MeshScape 6424 Wi-Controller from Millennial Net, Chelmsford, MA, operates in a wireless mesh sensor network to regulate equipment operation and improve energy conservation. The controller uses the 802.15.4 standard, operates in the 2.4 GHz band, and its algorithms and the MeshScape protocol...More>>

Sub-GHz Transceiver Radio from Microchip Product
Sub-GHz Transceiver Radio from Microchip   July 8, 2009

The MRF49XA from Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ, covers the 434/868/915 MHz unlicensed ISM band and is suited for low data-rate, low-power embedded wireless applications. Features include FSK with FHSS capability, –110 dBm typical sensitivity with 0 dBm max. input level, 7 dBm...More>>

DA Software from HBM Product
DA Software from HBM   July 8, 2009

Perception v6.0 DA software from HBM Inc., Marlborough, MA, works with the company's Genesis DA hardware and integrates multiplatform hardware control, live data display, DA, review, analysis, report generation, and data export. Version 6.0 adds live FFT capabilities to the company's Genesis...More>>

Licensed-Band Radio from FreeWave Technologies Product
Licensed-Band Radio from FreeWave Technologies   July 8, 2009

Suited for rugged and heavily treed applications in oil and gas, water/wastewater, electric, and municipality markets, the LSR455 from FreeWave Technologies, Boulder, CO, operates in the 430–470 MHz spectrum, provides 19,200 bps throughput on a 12.5 kHz channel, and has a range of 70 miles...More>>

Small Barometric Pressure Sensor from EPCOS Product
Small Barometric Pressure Sensor from EPCOS   July 8, 2009

EPCOS AG, Munich, Germany, offers the T5000 and ASB1200E compact, packaged MEMS sensors for barometric pressure measurement. The 1.7 by 1.7 by 0.9 mm consumer-product-oriented T5000 and the 3 by 3 mm ASB1200E incorporate a piezoresistive MEMS sensor element from Aktiv Sensor, are optimized for an...More>>

Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer from Dytran Product
Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer from Dytran   July 8, 2009

The Model 3243A from Dytran Instruments Inc., Chatsworth, CA, is a miniature triaxial 10 mV/g accelerometer with a 2 m moisture-sealed integral cable designed for submersible applications. The sensor weighs 2.5 g, is 0.28 in. high, has an adhesive mount, and contains 3 miniature quartz shear-mode...More>>

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