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Position Sensor Sports Full-scale Measurement Ranges from 2” to 100”   September 5, 2014

The PT420 absolute linear position sensor offers full-scale measurement ranges from 2” to 100” and two output signals: two-wire 4 mA to 20 mA and three-wire 0 to 20 mA. More>>

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Pressure/Temperature Data Loggers Deliver Accuracy/Repeatability   September 5, 2014

The OM-PR series pressure/temperature data loggers features a temperature range of -20ºC to 85ºC.More>>

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Mechanical Handheld Tachometer Carries ATX Certification   September 5, 2014

The latest version of the company’s popular HTM mechanical, handheld tachometer embarks with ATEX certification. More>>

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Huawei Announces Ascend Mate 7   September 5, 2014

Huawei announces its global flagship Android smartphone Ascend Mate 7, being the world's first Android smartphone on the market to feature a touch fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint Cards (FPC) is proud to announce that Huawei is using FPC's touch fingerprint sensor FPC1020 in this launch. More>>

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MICONEX to be platform for launch of new long-life oxygen and emissions sensors    September 5, 2014

Honeywell company City Technology will be unveiling exciting new additions to its industry leading gas sensing range, the 4OxLL long-life oxygen sensor and new emissions sensors, at the MICONEX show in Beijing, China from 23-26 September (Booth A035). More>>

The 2013 MEMS Industry Commercialization Report Card: Barriers to the Successful Commercialization of MEMS   September 5, 2014

This article is the first of a nine episode series that provides the results of the recently completed 2013 MEMS Industry Commercialization Report Card Market Research Study.More>>

Sensor Technology Supports Paradigm Shift In Biopharmaceutical Process Development   September 5, 2014

This article describes a solid state micro-optical sensor that is suitable for both traditional and single use bioreactors and provides users with a new process parameter to add to their armory for process control and monitoring.More>>

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Magnetic Encoder Consumes 3 µA Typical   September 4, 2014

The iC-TW11 magnetic encoder chip delivers 10-bit angle detection with a sampling rate of 10 Hz and an average current consumption of typically 3 µA. More>>

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Next-Gen 3D Sensor Fuels Automation Markets   September 4, 2014

To expand the use of 3D LiDAR sensors in robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, and automation applications, the VLP-16 (LiDAR Puck) 16-channel real-time LiDAR sensor is both substantially smaller and significantly less expensive than previous generation sensors. More>>

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Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Transmits Via Bluetooth Smart   September 4, 2014

The HOBO MX1101 datalogger transmits temperature and relative humidity data via Bluetooth Smart to mobile devices and works with the company’s free HOBOmobile app for iOS. More>>

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