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Ultrasonic Level Switch Replaces Mechanical Floats   August 20, 2014

The NK ultrasonic level switch is a viable direct replacement for mechanical float-type level devices. More>>

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MEMS Variable Capacitance Accelerometers Eat Little Power   August 20, 2014

As per its maker, the Model 1410 family of digital pulse density output MEMS variable capacitive (VC) accelerometers reliably measure both vibration and acceleration with very low power consumption and high long-term bias stability (1000 ppm typical). More>>

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Pressure Transmitters Drill For Oil   August 20, 2014

Standing up to the demanding shock and vibration and installation challenges of the oilfield, the Models 170/270/370/570 WECO “Hammer” Union Series pressure transmitters are available in standard ranges from 0 to 1000 psi thru 0 to 20K psi (69 thru 1,379 BAR).More>>

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Signal Conditioner Supports Wide Range Of Electronic Partitioning   August 20, 2014

For demanding industrial applications associated with high temperature, radiation, and sub-sea conditions, the EAZY-CAL LVC 4000 LVDT signal conditioner powers, amplifies, and demodulates outputs for a wide range of sensor types. More>>

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Broadcom Wireless Connectivity Enables Netatmo Smartphone-Controlled Home Thermostat   August 20, 2014

Broadcom Corp. announces that Netatmo has selected the Broadcom® Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED™) Wi-Fi technology to enable its smartphone-controlled thermostat by French designer Philippe Starck. More>>

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Highpower Provides Advanced Compact Rechargeable Lithium Batteries for Timex Smartwatches   August 20, 2014

Highpower International, Inc., a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of lithium and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries, and a battery management systems and battery recycling provider, announces that it started shipping its advanced compact lithium battery product developed for...More>>

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Researchers create wearable sensors using rubber bands that may forewarn cot death and sleep apnea    August 20, 2014

Revolutionary research stretches the limits of current healthcare by enabling medical professionals to measure their patients’ breathing, heart rate and movement with graphene elastic bands.Research published in the journal ACS Nano identifies a new type of sensor that could monitor body movement...More>>

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Oxygen Analyzer Approved for Hazardous Area Use In Canada & US   August 19, 2014

The XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer now carries CCSAUS certification, making it ready for use in both hazardous and general purpose areas in the US and Canada.More>>

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How’s Your Banana?   August 19, 2014

EyeVision 3 software now supports the Banana PI. It is four times faster than the Raspberry PI, which is already available with EyeVision 3. More>>

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Sapphire Optics Standup Under Deep-Water Pressure   August 19, 2014

To help prevent algae growth, Meller’s Sapphire Optics have smooth surfaces and can withstand high water pressures for outboard applications on undersea vehicles. More>>

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