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Mayo Clinic and Gentag Develop Wireless Sensors for Obesity and Diabetes Treatment   March 5, 2015

Mayo Clinic and Gentag, Inc. have reached an agreement to develop the next generation of wearable biosensors designed to fight obesity and diabetes.More>>

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Automotive MEMS Sensor Market Worth $3.60 Billion by 2020   March 5, 2015

The Automotive MEMS Sensor Market is expected to reach $3.60 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 4.7% between 2014 and 2020...More>>

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Water Meter/Totalizer Goes Mobile   March 4, 2015

The EDM-8000 accurately measures and totalizes water and other low-viscosity, water-based, or compatible liquids. More>>

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Clear Label Sensor Is Fast And Accurate   March 4, 2015

The LRD6300 capacitive label sensor is reportedly the fastest, most accurate method of clear (or non-clear) label registration detection.More>>

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Shock Accelerometer Handles 100 kg   March 4, 2015

The ICP shock accelerometer family adds the Model 350B01 mechanically-isolated, electrically-filtered near-field or far-field pyroshock sensor that can measure up to 100,000g. More>>

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VCA Technology Enables Ultrasound Elastography   March 4, 2015

The LA10-08-000A miniature linear voice coil actuator (VCA) provides the necessary 75-Hz frequency. More>>

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Galtronics unveils New EXTENT Omni Whip Product Line Developed for Small Cells and Outdoor DAS   March 4, 2015

Galtronics Corporation Ltd., unveils its latest additions to its award-winning EXTENT antenna line. More>>

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Touchscreen Controllers Offer Advanced Features for Smartphones   March 3, 2015

The TrueTouch CYTT21X/31X capacitive touchscreen controller family enables smartphones, e-readers and low-cost tablets to offer multiple advanced features. More>>

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TVS Protects Industrial Sensing And Control Systems   March 3, 2015

The uClamp3601P 33V transient voltage suppression (TVS) device is designed to protect industrial sensors. More>>

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OmniVision Announces OV16880, Industry's First 16-Megapixel Sensor Built on 1-Micron Pixels   March 3, 2015

1/3-inch PureCel-S OV16880 Image Sensor with PDAF Enables 13 to 16-Megapixel Resolution Upgrade for High-Volume Slim Mobile DevicesMore>>

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