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FlexEnable and Merck Take Major Step Forward in Plastic LCD Technology   February 11, 2015

New technology makes bendable, light, thin and unbreakable liquid crystal displays (LCDs) possible. Application of organic transistor technology offers a route to low-cost solutions for volume manufacturing. Concept will be attractive for many LC modes.More>>

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Heavy-Duty Laser Contrast Sensor Relishes Challenging Part-Detection Applications   February 10, 2015

For difficult part-detection chores, the Q3X laser contrast sensor can detect up to 2,000 events per second. More>>

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Modular Encoder Measures Angles Across Large Axes   February 10, 2015

The MSR 40 modular rotary position feedback system promises to be a quick way to measure angle on larger rotary axes. More>>

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DRS Technologies Launches New Line Of Radiometric Camera Cores   February 10, 2015

DRS Technologies Inc. debuts its new Tamarisk® Precision Series line of radiometric camera cores. More>>

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Enable Inc. Launches World's Smallest Videoscope   February 10, 2015

Enable Inc. introduces the next generation of digital videoscope from their minnieScopeTM product line. The minnieScopeTM-XS is the world's smallest 400x400 pixel videoscope, measuring <1.4mm OD (including illumination). More>>

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Wirecard Announces Wearable Payments Developer Kit   February 10, 2015

Software Development Kit for easy development of wearable payment functions will be available by the end of February 2015. A dedicated developer portal will provide access to a range of programming interfaces (APIs), tools and simulators.More>>

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Data Bus Market Worth $8.55 Billion by 2020   February 10, 2015

According to a market research report, the global Data Bus Market is expected to reach $8.55 Billion by 2020, to register a CAGR of 8.30%.More>>

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Color Sensor Optimized For Smartphones   February 6, 2015

The BH1745NUC color sensor is groomed for display-equipped devices such as smartphones and tablets capable of detecting the color temperature, brightness, and RGB components of ambient light. More>>

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Solenoid Valve Can Handle High Pressure Apps   February 6, 2015

The SVH-110 high pressure solenoid valves control the flow of high pressure air, water, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other gases, or light liquids compatible with materials or construction. More>>

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Thermal Desorption Autosampler Eases Soil And Water Analysis   February 6, 2015

The CDS-7500 thermal desorption autosampler has the ability to change between thermal desorption tubes for air analysis and VOA vials for soil and/or water analysis. More>>

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