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Precision snap-action switches, sealed in rugged housings that are used as position detectors. More>>

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Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes Are Cost Effective and Preferred   June 4, 2015

Cost-effective and ideally suited for extreme low light conditions, Marktech Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (Si APD) are the preferred optical detectors.More>>

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Active Temperature Sensors for HVAC and Building Technology   June 4, 2015

Temperature sensors are now available with 0-10 V or 4-20 mA outputs. More>>

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High Reliability Sensing Solution Based on Advanced Magnetostrictive Technology   June 4, 2015

Built-in redundancy & detached electronics assure long-term operational integrity.More>>

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GP:50 NY Ltd Introduces Combined Pressure & Temperature Transmitter    June 4, 2015

Pressure/Temperature Transmitter Accurate to 25,000 PSI and Seawater Submersible to 30,000 ftMore>>

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OmniVision Launches Its Smallest 720p HD Sensor   June 4, 2015

Advanced PureCel Technology Enables New Ultra-Compact and Power-Efficient OV9734 CameraChip Sensor More>>

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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Enhancing Sensor Reliability Through Venting   June 3, 2015

Join Carrie Higgins of W. L. Gore & Associates to investigate the causes of sensor failure and how venting alleviates many of these issues. More>>

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Qualtré Demonstrates High Performance BAW MEMS Gyroscopes At Sensors Expo 2015    June 3, 2015

Qualtré, Inc. says the company will be exhibiting and demonstrating its new products at Sensors Expo 2015.More>>

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New Suite of 7.0-inch Industrial LCD Panels Provide Flexible Design Options    June 3, 2015

Display modules offer a variety of features, price points, all backed by Sharp.More>>

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Leti Demos Process to Fabricate High-bright Micro-LED Arrays for Head-mounted Displays   June 3, 2015

Gallium-nitride (GaN) and Indium Gallium-nitride (InGaN) Technology Targets Fast-growing Markets for Wearable Vision SystemsMore>>




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