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Pressure Transmitters Output Static Or Differential Readings   August 1, 2014

The PX2600 series rangeable, very low differential pressure transmitters output either static (gage) pressure or differential pressure. More>>

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LVDT Pencil Probe Outputs Linear Values Over Entire Stroke   August 1, 2014

For quality control checks, the KURTSmart PROBE promises to be an easy way to verify part measurement accurately and economically. More>>

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Laser Marking Machine Increases Speed Limit   August 1, 2014

The TF450 50W fiber laser operates two times faster than its 30W predecessor.More>>

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OMEGA Engineering was presented with the 2014 Best of Sensors Expo INNOVATION AWARD Honorable Mention Award for M12LCP Thermocouple Probes With High Temperature M12 Molded Connectors by Sensors Magazine. More>>

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IPSO Alliance to Focus on How to Use IoT Open Standards   August 1, 2014

The Internet Protocol for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance has broadened its Internet of Things (IoT) standards vision to include education on the proper use of IPS protocols to create end-to-end solutions for the Internet of Things. More>>

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New Hand Scanner Helps Consumers Pick Fruit And Determine Calories In Food   August 1, 2014

A new hand held molecular scanner helps consumers better understand the physical make-up of their food.More>>

Temperature Measurement Accuracy Demands Equal Attention to Sensors and Instrumentation   August 1, 2014

Accurate, repeatable temperature measurements are integral to many applications. To ensure precision measurement in a cost-effective system, integrators must weigh various sensor types and the options for converting their outputs into temperature readings.More>>

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Servo Accelerometers Keep An Eye On Structural Health   July 31, 2014

Undergoing extensive testing in Europe, the Models SA-107LN, SA-207LN, and SA-307LN servo accelerometers prove highly viable and reliable for structural health monitoring in a variety of situations. More>>

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Optech Providing Advanced Lidar Sensor for OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission   July 31, 2014

Optech is pleased to announce that one of the company’s lidar systems will be a critical part of NASA’s Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission to study asteroid Bennu and return a sample from its surface to Earth. More>>

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A Batteryless Sensor Chip for the Internet of Things   July 31, 2014

The promise of the Internet of things is, in a sense, passivity. Our homes and offices will monitor us, and respond to our needs without instruction. More>>

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