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News and information on new sensor technologies and other sensor-related R&D efforts.

Medical Microfluidic-Electrode Market Grows   September 19, 2013

A recent Lux Research report finds the healthcare industry’s growing emphasis on prevention and early diagnosis to mitigate high treatment costs will drive increasing use of microfluidic-based sensors and sensing electrodes.More>>

Colnatec Partners with Novaled   September 18, 2013

The two companies will work together to test the performance of the quartz crystal microbalance sensor system, Tempe, for device-layer self-regeneration in continuously run OLED production.More>>

TI Unveils New Data Converter Category   September 17, 2013

The inductance-to-digital converter uses coils and springs as inductive sensors to deliver high resolution, increased reliability, and great flexibility, revolutionizing position and motion sensing.More>>

Portable GPS-enabled Device Market to Grow   September 17, 2013

ABI Research forecasts that sales of dedicated GPS devices will reach $7 billion by 2018, driven by strong long-term growth of applications using dedicated HUD/eyewear, cycling, and health-tracking devices.More>>

Motion Sensor Market Continues to Grow   September 17, 2013

Frost & Sullivan research finds the ubiquity of electronic devices is driving market expansion, with the main focus of the providers on designing and developing new-generation products to meet changing end-user requirements.More>>

FARO Unveils the Edge ScanArm ES   September 12, 2013

The unit combines the flexibility of the FaroArm with the power of the new laser line probe, leveraging Enhanced Scanning Technology to boost performance by improving the ability to scan challenging surfaces.More>>

Exelis Delivers WorldView-3 Sensor Platform   September 12, 2013

The integrated, multimodality system provides DigitalGlobe’s satellite with a telescope, sensors, and shortwave infrared subsystem, supporting applications like soil and vegetation analysis, environmental monitoring, and land mapping.More>>

TRW Announces Next-Generation Radar Technology   September 12, 2013

The AC1000 family promises to be one of the key building blocks enabling more sophisticated automotive safety features and supporting semi-automated driving functionality.More>>

AXIe Announces Development Tools   September 11, 2013

The tools from Elma Electronic and Hiller Measurements are designed to help vendors and system integrators quickly develop and deploy AXIe-based instruments and systems.More>>

Soitec Licences IP to TSMC   September 11, 2013

The intellectual property (IP) relates to backside illumination, a key enabling technology in the race to develop small-pixel, high-quality image sensors for consumer products.More>>

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