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News and information on new sensor technologies and other sensor-related R&D efforts.

Vivante Unveils Area-Optimized GPU   October 8, 2013

The tiny new OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU, the GC 400, targets silicon vendors designing smart devices for wearable and Internet of Things devices.More>>

A Better Device to Detect Ultraviolet Light   October 8, 2013

A new type of photodiode shows promise for space-based communications and monitoring ozone depletion.More>>

Exelis and NASA Sign Software License Agreement   October 3, 2013

The contract consolidates more than 800 separate agreements into one annual transaction, including the right to access the ENVI and IDL data visualization and analysis software used by NASA to explore climate-related issues.More>>

MTS Releases Echo 2.0   October 3, 2013

The real-time laboratory monitoring software upgrade introduces a native mobile application for Android and iOS devices and gives users the ability to monitor equipment activity remotely.More>>

Ocean Optics Spectrometers Collect Crop Data   October 2, 2013

A multinational team of researchers is using STS spectrometers to make ground and aerial synchronized hyperspectral measurements of barley and sugar beet crops in New Zealand to assess plant characteristics for more effective crop management.More>>

Daylight Solutions Wins Federal R&D Funding   October 2, 2013

The supplemental funding from the National Science Foundation will help to accelerate the transition of Daylight Solution’s mid-infrared hyperspectral imaging platform to commercial markets.More>>

Samsung and PowerbyProxi Collaborate   October 2, 2013

The two companies announced the strategic partnership aimed at developing wireless power solutions.More>>

ADI and IISc Collaborate   October 1, 2013

ADI has joined the Industry Affiliate Program of the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering of the Indian Institute of Science to accelerate research and commercialization of MEMS and nano-sciences in India.More>>

Standards-based RF Gains on Proprietary Systems   October 1, 2013

ABI Research predicts that Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi will beat out proprietary protocols in the mobile body area network device market over the next 5 years.More>>

TI Extends Sitara AM335x SDK Protocol Support   October 1, 2013

The ARM Processor software development kit supports EtherNet/IP in addition to PROFIBUS and EtherCAT, enabling OEMs to connect their devices to a wider range of industrial PLCs, HMIs, and I/O devices.More>>

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