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News and information on new sensor technologies and other sensor-related R&D efforts.

Hillcrest Launches Low-Power Sensor Hub   October 30, 2013

The SH-1 sensor hub enhances portable devices and Internet of Things applications by providing sensor fusion, gesture recognition, and always-on functions for context-aware applications.More>>

ARM and Nordic Semiconductor Partner   October 30, 2013

The two companies have agreed to incorporate Bluetooth Low Energy with the ARM mbed device development platform to enable the next generation of Internet-connected products.More>>

Misfit Wearables Picks Silicon Labs Gecko MCU   October 29, 2013

The wearable product provider will use the EFM32 Leopard Gecko microcontroller in its Shine fitness tracker, leveraging the MCU’s low-energy performance.More>>

Semtech Unveils Long-Range Wireless Platform   October 29, 2013

The SX127X transceiver promises superior range, battery operation, and interference immunity while eliminating the need for complex infrastructure, making it ideal for a variety of Internet-of-Things applications.More>>

Aircraft Part Maker Purchases T-Gauge 5000   October 29, 2013

The company will use Advanced Photonix’ system for off-line nondestructive quality control, inspecting components prior to assembly.More>>

ERC Awards Grant to Koç University Professor   October 24, 2013

Professor Hakan has been awarded €2.5 million by the European Research Council to develop new display technologies for augmented reality and 3D applications.More>>

Canatu Launches CNB Conductive Films   October 24, 2013

The Generation 5 transparent films promise to pave the way for high-contrast touch displays and revolutionary printed, flexible, 3D-shaped touch-enabled electronics products.More>>

SGI Unveils New Big Data Systems   October 24, 2013

The company is offering a new platform optimized for Hadoop to perform big data analytics and will introduce systems that provide extreme storage capacity for big data, with the aim of significantly reducing storage costs.More>>

SunPartner and 3M to Collaborate   October 23, 2013

The two companies have agreed to work together to develop a wireless transparent micro component that will charge consumer mobile electronics while they are being used and exposed to light.More>>

NI Releases New Compact Vision System   October 23, 2013

The NI CVS-1457RT includes features like dual power-over-Ethernet, GigE Vision ports, deterministic Ethernet camera triggering, and FPGA-enabled I/O.More>>

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