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News and information on new sensor technologies and other sensor-related R&D efforts.

IBM and Semtech Collaborate   October 15, 2013

The joint effort proposes to advance the Internet of Things by combining IBM software and Semtech hardware to create a wireless sensor system capable of transmitting data up to 9 miles, with significantly improved ease of use.More>>

Dawson Orders Geospace GSX System   October 15, 2013

The $18.1 million contract provides for the delivery of 9,000 stations of the wireless seismic data acquisition system.More>>

Silicon Labs Launches Energy-Friendly MCUs   October 10, 2013

The EFM32 Zero Gecko MCU family is based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core, offers 32-bit resolution, and includes a five-mode energy management system that enables applications to remain in an energy-optimal state.More>>

ADI Debuts 3-Axis, 200-g MEMS Accelerometer   October 10, 2013

The ADXL375 promises more than twice the bandwidth at less than half the power consumption of other sensors used to measure high-g events.More>>

Silicon File and Dual Aperture to Collaborate   October 10, 2013

Silicon File will license and incorporate Dual Aperture's 3D information-capture technology into its products, building CMOS-based image sensors that can take sharp pictures, significantly reduce noise, and capture real-time distance information.More>>

meta Selects SoftKinetic Technology   October 10, 2013

The company will use SoftKinetic's 3D camera technology and gesture-recognition middleware to bring real-time 3D input and natural interactions to its Meta. 01 wearable computing device.More>>

Roboteq Launches I/O Card for Raspberry PI   October 9, 2013

RIO expands the Raspberry’s limited I/O capabilities by adding 13 inputs that can be configured as digital inputs; 0 to 5 V analog inputs, with 12-bit resolution; or pulse inputs capable of pulse width, duty cycle, or frequency capture.More>>

Linear Technology and PowerbyProxi Collaborate   October 9, 2013

The companies are partnering to bring wireless power transfer systems to market, with Linear Technology introducing the LTC4120, the receiver side of a complete wireless power transfer system that combines a wireless power receiver and a battery charger.More>>

Misfit Selects Wicentric's Bluetooth Software   October 9, 2013

The wearable sensor product provider chose the exactLE Stack to supply Bluetooth low-energy connectivity to its Shine physical activity monitor.More>>

LeddarTech Debuts Sensor SDK   October 9, 2013

The new software development kit provides an application programming interface in .Net and C, allowing developers to create applications that control the sensor settings and acquire the measurements at the sensor’s full rate of operation.More>>

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