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News and information on new sensor technologies and other sensor-related R&D efforts.

Vicente Capital Partners Invests in iBwave   October 22, 2013

The growth equity investment firm and Farol Asset Management have acquired a significant equity interest in the in-building wireless software and training services provider.More>>

Freescale Debuts ARM-based QorIQ LS Series   October 17, 2013

The communications processors are engineered to support a broad range of power-sensitive networking applications, feature a high level of integration for sub-3 W applications, and incorporate a blend of features for fanless embedded applications.More>>

QuickLogic Unveils Digital Sixth Sense Drive   October 17, 2013

The company’s strategic initiative launches a sensor hub that promises to enable a fundamental shift in how ultra-low-power programmable logic is deployed in mobile devices to deliver always-on contextual awareness.More>>

NexID Biometrics Counters Biometrics Spoofing   October 17, 2013

The company offers a variety of techniques and materials to test and mitigate the vulnerability of biometric-authentication security systems.More>>

ams Introduces Battery Monitoring System   October 17, 2013

The new AS8506 lithium cell monitoring/balancing IC eliminates the need for complex software and reduces hardware requirements in battery cell management systems.More>>

Panasonic Develops New Millimeter-Wave Radar   October 16, 2013

The high-precision, wide-field-of-view millimeter-wave technologies promise to expand the performance of advanced automotive safety systems.More>>

Echelon Debuts Edge-of-Grid Control Node   October 15, 2013

The multi-application, multi-protocol, IPv6-compatible DCN 3000 platform enables electric grid modernization and optimization programs, including smart metering and distribution automation.More>>

IBM and Semtech Collaborate   October 15, 2013

The joint effort proposes to advance the Internet of Things by combining IBM software and Semtech hardware to create a wireless sensor system capable of transmitting data up to 9 miles, with significantly improved ease of use.More>>

Dawson Orders Geospace GSX System   October 15, 2013

The $18.1 million contract provides for the delivery of 9,000 stations of the wireless seismic data acquisition system.More>>

Silicon Labs Launches Energy-Friendly MCUs   October 10, 2013

The EFM32 Zero Gecko MCU family is based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core, offers 32-bit resolution, and includes a five-mode energy management system that enables applications to remain in an energy-optimal state.More>>

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