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News and information on new sensor technologies and other sensor-related R&D efforts.

February R&D Round Up   February 8, 2013

Ah, February, shortest of months and yet simultaneously the winter month that seems the longest. To cheer you up (or at least intrigue and educate you), this month's sensor developments include novel materials to get rid of biofilms, nanotubes to the rescue for making optical power measurements,...More>>

Smart Appliance Market Expected to Grow   February 7, 2013

Pike Research forecasts this sector will reach $34.9 billion by 2020, with expansion limited by the small number of smart appliances commercially available on the market.More>>

PCL Community and OpenNI Partner   February 7, 2013

The two organizations will cooperate to promote OpenNI as the standard for 3D sensing acquisition and development to bring computer vision solutions to the 3D sensing developer community.More>>

Sotera Receives Initial Financing   February 7, 2013

The $1.33 million is part of $14.8 million of financing, which will be used to build out the sales and distribution network for the ViSi Mobile medical monitoring platform.More>>

OFS Splices Sapphire and Silica Optical Fibers   February 6, 2013

The successful new method of fusing the two materials overcomes traditional barriers and extends the commercial application of sapphire fibers to high-temperature instrumentation.More>>

Awarepoint Launches Bed & Bay Sensor   February 6, 2013

The new medical RTLS precisely tracks mobile equipment and patient and caregiver interactions in locations with tight bed spacing, such as the emergency department and pre- and post-anesthesia care.More>>

Image Sensor Advances Expand Range of Uses   February 6, 2013

Frost & Sullivan 
research indicates that fabrication and design 
innovations have allowed the technology to penetrate a wider range of applications, but the high cost of these devices is a significant challenge for the overall image sensors market.More>>

Redpine Introduces M2M Multi-standard Chip   February 6, 2013

The combo chip RS9113 offers dual-band 11abgn Wi-Fi, dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0, and ZigBee interfaces on a single die for M2M device manufacturers.More>>

SWS Licenses FT-IR Technology to Hamamatsu   February 5, 2013

The photonics company will use the single-chip MEMS spectrometer to open up more possibilities for portable spectrometry, enabling the move from bulky and costly laboratory equipment to compact and inexpensive field equipment.More>>

Coventor Ships MEMS+IC Co-Design Platform   February 5, 2013

MEMS+ 3.0 software accelerates the development of complex 3D electronic systems by providing new fluidic, package thermal deformation, and noise simulation capabilities, as well as an expanded component library.More>>