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Sensor industry news including contracts, awards, collaborations, acquisitions, and highlights of new measurement & sensor technology.

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LDO Specs 30-µV Noise Figure   August 19, 2014

With a 30-µVRMS noise figure across a 10Hz to 100-kHz bandwidth, the LT3062 low dropout (LDO) voltage linear regulator delivers up to 200-mA continuous output current with a 300-mV dropout voltage at full load. More>>

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Gemstone Powders Are Pure And Non Synthetic   August 19, 2014

Derived from natural, not synthetic, gemstones, Goodfellow expands its product offerings with the addition of natural gemstone powders.More>>

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Software Makes Modal Analysis Simple   August 19, 2014

When used with any of the company's smart dynamic signal analyzers (DSA's), the recently updated X-Modal III software for modal analysis allows users to create a turn-key modal analysis solution with intuitive, task oriented user interfaces, extensive modal parameter estimation algorithms, parallel...More>>

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Oxygen Analyzer Approved for Hazardous Area Use In Canada & US   August 19, 2014

The XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer now carries CCSAUS certification, making it ready for use in both hazardous and general purpose areas in the US and Canada.More>>

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Bearingless Encoder Performs Non-Contact Distance Measurement   August 19, 2014

The MIL10 bearingless encoder for linear distance measurement comprises a sensing head and an adhesive magnetic tape. More>>

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Pick-And-Hold PWM Modules Are Reliable, Cost Effective   August 19, 2014

Presented as a very low-cost solution for solenoid control electronics, the company’s 3” x 3” x 0.85” PH-ET Pick & Hold" module is said to be easy to integrate into both new and existing applications. More>>

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How’s Your Banana?   August 19, 2014

EyeVision 3 software now supports the Banana PI. It is four times faster than the Raspberry PI, which is already available with EyeVision 3. More>>

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Sapphire Optics Standup Under Deep-Water Pressure   August 19, 2014

To help prevent algae growth, Meller’s Sapphire Optics have smooth surfaces and can withstand high water pressures for outboard applications on undersea vehicles. More>>

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Sandia report draws lessons learned from ‘perfect heists’ for national security   August 19, 2014

In 2003, the unthinkable happened at Belgium’s Antwerp Diamond Center. Thieves broke into its reputedly impenetrable vault and made off with hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds, gold, cash and other valuables.More>>

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NASA's RXTE Satellite Decodes the Rhythm of an Unusual Black Hole    August 19, 2014

Astronomers have uncovered rhythmic pulsations from a rare type of black hole 12 million light-years away by sifting through archival data from NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) satellite.More>>

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