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Sensor industry news including contracts, awards, collaborations, acquisitions, and highlights of new measurement & sensor technology.

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High-Def Color Spotter Sensor Enhances Popular Imaging System   March 30, 2015

The MX-10 spotter is suitable for smaller UAV and airborne law enforcement mission profiles that are subject to operate with minimal size, weight, and power requirements.More>>

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Bellows Coupling Replaces Gearbox In Cryogenic Apps   March 30, 2015

Nickel bellows can reliably replace the angled gearbox found in cryogenic projects and applications. More>>

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MEMS based Pressure Sensor Is Catheter Mountable   March 30, 2015

The SM1120 MEMS based catheter-mountable pressure sensor features a profile of 220 µm x 75 µm and an in vivo drift performance of 2 mmHg per hour. More>>

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Dual Synchronous DC/DC Controller Delivers Fast Powerup   March 30, 2015

The LTC3887 dual output synchronous step-down dc/dc controller with I²C-based PMBus interface specifies a 70-ms power-up time... More>>

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Innovative washing machine reduces the labor time for cleaning greasy, dirty parts to practically zero   March 30, 2015

Walther Trowal presents its new, groundbreaking washing machine TRT 83x37. More>>

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Echo Therapeutics, Inc. Achieves Wireless Mobile Communication Milestone   March 30, 2015

Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor Can Transmit Data to any Mobile PlatformMore>>

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Atmel Breaks Ultra-low Power Performance Barriers With World's Lowest Power ARM Cortex-M based Solution   March 30, 2015

Consuming One-third the Power of Existing Solutions, Atmel | SMART SAM L Family Achieves Impressive 185 EEMBC ULPBench ScoreMore>>

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VelaSense Object Recognition Technology for the Blind was unveiled at Baruch College's CCVIP 8th Annual Conference   March 30, 2015

Object recognition technology has a unique and powerful benefit for the blind, visually impaired and elderly. More>>

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ProTek Devices' Latest TVS Array Series Offers Smartphone, Ethernet, USB Circuit Protection    March 30, 2015

ProTek Devices introduces a new series of ultra-low capacitance transient voltage suppressor arrays....More>>

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TI introduces industry's first 18-V multi-channel synchronous buck converter with PMBus digital interface   March 30, 2015

Industry's first 18-V multi-channel synchronous buck converter with PMBus(TM) digital interface for space-constrained automotive and communication applications features up to 95-percent efficiency.More>>

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