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Sensor industry news including contracts, awards, collaborations, acquisitions, and highlights of new measurement & sensor technology.

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Sensor-Based Device Mines Your Own Business   June 29, 2015

Smart Sense Dwell consists of a small wireless module that can be mounted at active locations in a retail outlet.More>>

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Connector Cages Ensconce Intrinsically Safe Hammer-Union Transmitters   June 29, 2015

Electrical connector cages are now available as an optional accessory for the company’s 628 Series intrinsically safe hammer-union transmitters. More>>

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Touchjet Pond Projector Disrupts Education Market by Creating Interactive Classrooms   June 29, 2015

This technology offers a counter balance to the one-to-one technology movement where students complete assignments and work on individual devices as opposed to together as a group. More>>

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The Industry's First AC/DC Converter Control IC for SiC Drive   June 29, 2015

Enables SiC MOSFET drive to achieve greater energy savings and miniaturization in industrial applications.More>>

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Commercial Drones Market Worth $4+ Billion by 2021 and Growing at 109% CAGR to 2020   June 29, 2015

Commercial drones are set to build highways in the sky.More>>

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ChipControl – the one command set for the visual control of electronic components   June 29, 2015

EVT has developed the “ChipControl“ command set.More>>

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Three ProTek ESD Protection Diodes Now AEC-Q101 Qualified for Automotive Use   June 29, 2015

ProTek Devices announce three of its electrostatic discharge protection diodes are now AEC-Q101 qualified...More>>

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Altera FPGAs Enable Big Data Storage Security with Advanced Encryption   June 29, 2015

Standard Rates of an Unprecedented 100-Gbps, Full DuplexMore>>

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SunEdison and TerraForm Power Announce Closing of 521-MW Atlantic Power Acquisition   June 29, 2015

521-MW operating asset acquisition, with expected annual average CAFD of $44 million over the next 10 years, increases TerraForm Power's drop down inventory to more than 4 GWMore>>

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Research supports 80-year-old prediction about planet temperature and age correlation.   June 29, 2015

Research supports 80-year-old prediction about planet temperature and age correlation.More>>




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