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Sensor industry news including contracts, awards, collaborations, acquisitions, and highlights of new measurement & sensor technology.

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Photoelectric Sensor Eliminates Product Gaps On Conveyor Lines   October 31, 2014

Promising to improved production efficiency and reduce costs, the DeltaPac MultiTask photoelectric sensor counts, detects and differentiates between successive packaging items on conveyor belts. More>>

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Automation Light Grid Detects Transparent, Small, And Fast-moving Objects   October 31, 2014

The MLG-2 automation light grids tout the speed, resolution, and optical features necessary to reliably detect small, transparent, and fast-moving objects, even under harsh conditions. More>>

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360º Position Sensor Gets An Update   October 31, 2014

In its second generation, the non-contacting PSC-360 Hall effect rotary position sensor retains all its original features and adds a magnetic sensor package that eliminates the need for wire harnesses and a separate mating connector. More>>

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100-GHz Scope Eyes Next-Gen Communication Systems   October 31, 2014

With an eye on emerging communication systems, Teledyne LeCroy’s LabMaster 10-100Zi, 100-GHz oscilloscope was recently used by Alcatel-Lucent to demonstrate the highest-bandwidth coherent optical receiver capable of detecting a 160 GBaud QPSK signal. More>>

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High-Speed Cameras Enlist Sony & CMOSIS Sensors   October 31, 2014

The company’s Thunderbolt-technology ready cameras employ the latest sensors from Sony. More>>

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15W DC/DC Converters Put A Hush On Noise   October 31, 2014

The XWR15 series isolated dc/dc converters includes single and dual output models and exhibit notably low output ripple and less than 50 mV of output noise. More>>

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CAN Cards Ride The PCI Bus   October 31, 2014

The CAN-IB300/PCI and CAN-IB400/PCI CAN cards for the PCI bus are expandable via modules with up to four CAN interfaces and come with an extensive driver and tool suite support. More>>

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Stratasys and Worrell Accelerate Medical Device Development with 3D Printed Injection Molds   October 31, 2014

Since 3D printing injection molds for medical devices, Worrell slashes lead times by a game-changing 95% in comparison to traditional tooling, with costs plummeting 70%.More>>

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Synopsys Announces Availability of DesignWare Non-Volatile Memory IP for TowerJazz 180-nm Process Technology   October 31, 2014

Synopsys, Inc. announces the availability of the silicon-proven DesignWare AEON Few Time Programmable (FTP) Trim Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) IP for TowerJazz 180-nanometer (nm) SL process technology. More>>

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Surgeons Employ Computer Imaging to Accurately Measure Breast Tumors and Chronic Wounds   October 31, 2014

New high-tech methods include intraoperative use of augmented-reality glasses and 3D sensing paired with a mobile device to monitor wound healing. More>>

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