News, new products, and technical information on embedded controllers used in sensors and in sensing applications.

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Small-Package 32-bit Microcontrollers from Microchip   April 8, 2012

Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ, offers the low-pin-count, 32-bit PIC32 MX1 and MX2 microcontrollers that feature dedicated auto and capacitive-sensing peripherals and are suited for use in consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive markets. More>>

Blackfin Processors Feature Accelerated Vision Analytics   March 29, 2012

Analog Devices' ADSP-BF60x series processors with 1 GHz core performance, low power consumption, and a new dedicated vision accelerator enable broad adoption of multi-function analytics into embedded vision applications.More>>

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Intelligent Bluetooth Modules from Wireless Cables   March 25, 2012

The AIRcable SMD Bluetooth module from Wireless Cables Inc., San Jose, CA, is a wireless programmable microcontroller that lets you build wireless products without needing additional microcontrollers. More>>

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Wi-Fi Module from Texas Instruments   March 25, 2012

The SimpleLink Wi-FI CC3000 from Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX, is a self-contained 802.11 network processor that lets you add Internet connectivity to any embedded application. More>>

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Sub-1 GHz Wireless Module from Anaren   March 25, 2012

The A110LR09A from Anaren Inc., Syracuse, NY, is a high-performance, dual-band, FCC-certified and ETSI-compliant radio module based on Texas Instruments' CC110L low-cost, sub-1 GHz RF transceiver. More>>

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Ultra-low-power Microcontroller from TI   March 11, 2012

The Wolverine ultra-low-power MSP430 microcontroller platform from Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX, consumes 360 nA in real-time clock mode and <100 µA/MHz in active power consumption. More>>

TI’s Introduces “Wolverine” Microcontroller Platform   February 29, 2012

New, feature-packed MSP430 microcontroller platform continues to push ultra-low-power limits, bringing consumers one step closer to a battery-free world.More>>

Bluetooth Low-Energy SoC from TI   February 12, 2012

The CC2541 Bluetooth low-energy SoC from Texas Instruments (TI) Inc., Dallas, TX, supports for Bluetooth sensor applications for consumer medical, sports and fitness, security, entertainment, and home automation. More>>

25% Performance Increase to Microchip dsPIC DSCs   January 31, 2012

Microchip's dsPIC33F “GS” DSCs feature 50 MIPS performance, enable more digital power applications.More>>

TI unveils ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 SoC   January 25, 2012

The SE2.0 SoC has an integrated ARM Cortex-M3 processor, memory, and 802.15.4g radio and is tailored for Smart Grid and remote sensor applications.More>>

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