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Encoder Interface Device from US Digital   August 22, 2010

The QSB from US Digital, Vancouver, WA, is a quadrature-to-USB adapter that lets you interface standard quadrature encoder signals into a PC USB port for encoder verification.More>>

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Miniature Incremental Encoders from TURCK   August 22, 2010

Kübler by TURCK 2430 shaft and 2440 hollow-shaft encoders from TURCK Inc., Minneapolis, MN, are incremental magnetic encoders with a 24 mm dia. housing for use in space-restricted installations.More>>

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Machine Vision Software Tool from PPT Vision   August 22, 2010

PinPoint Pattern Find from PPT Vision, Bloomington, MN, is a machine vision software algorithm developed for the company's IMPACT smart cameras.More>>

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NC Joining Modules from Kistler   August 22, 2010

The NCFT Type 2157A Series from Kistler Instruments Corp., Amherst, NY, is a precision electromechanical servo press family, providing high-reliability force displacement monitoring within assembly, joining, and other single-channel control applications.More>>

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Current Loop I/O Module from Highland Technology   August 22, 2010

The V220 from Highland Technology Inc., San Francisco, CA, is a 12-channel VME module for use in 4–20 mA industrial control loop applications.More>>

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High-Speed Analog Input Card from Advantech   August 22, 2010

The PCIe-1744 from Advantech Corp., Industrial Automation Group, Cincinnati, OH, is a 4-channel, 12-bit, ultra-high-speed analog DA card with a PCI Express interface and that is capable of handling analog to digital sampling simultaneously and independently on all four channels.More>>

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Temperature Sensor Assemblies from Ultra Electronics   August 8, 2010

Ultra Electronics, Nuclear Sensor & Process Instrumentation, (formerly Weed Instrument), Round Rock, TX, offers temperature sensor assemblies that meet ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, approved for use in hazardous area locations.More>>

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PCIe Frame Grabber from Silicon Software   August 8, 2010

The microEnable IV Series of frame grabbers from Silicon Software GmbH, Mannheim, Germany, have PCI Express interfaces and use an FPGA as the vision processor and image processing center of the device. Models are available to support CameraLink and GigE cameras.More>>

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Laser Alignment System from Pinpoint Laser Systems   August 8, 2010

The laser-based Microgage 2D system from Pinpoint Laser Systems, Peabody, MA, measures the flatness of machinery and production equipment with precision of 0.0001 in. and can operate over distances ranging from a few inches to 120 ft.More>>

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Absolute Pressure Transducer from Meggitt   August 8, 2010

The Endevco Model 8530B Series of miniature, high-sensitivity absolute pressure transducers from Meggitt Sensing Systems, San Juan Capistrano, CA, are offered in ranges of 200, 500, and 1000 psia and feature excellent linearity and thermal transient stability.More>>

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