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Information about automotive sensors and sensors used in automotive manufacturing.

Ultra Mini IEPE Accelerometer from Dytran Product
Ultra Mini IEPE Accelerometer from Dytran   September 24, 2008

The Model 3224A1 from Dytran Instruments Inc., Chatsworth, CA, is an ultraminiature high-sensitivity IEPE accelerometer with a titanium housing. The sensor weighs 0.2 g, has 10 mV/g sensitivity, and can operate in temperatures up to 300°F. Range is ±500 g for ±5 V output,...More>>

Industrial Cameras from Basler Vision Technologies Product
Industrial Cameras from Basler Vision Technologies   September 24, 2008

Basler Vision Technologies, Ahrensburg, Germany, offers the pilot piA2400-17 monochrome and color cameras with image capture rates up to 17 frames/s with 2448 by 2050 pixels for 5 Mpixel resolution. Both models are offered in a 29 by 44 by 98.5 mm housing with a GigE Vision-compliant Gigabit...More>>

Photoelectric Sensors from Banner Product
Photoelectric Sensors from Banner   September 24, 2008

Banner Engineering Corp., Minneapolis, MN, offers its WORLD-BEAM QS18 universal voltage photoelectric sensors that operate with AC or DC voltages. The 3-wire sensors deliver solid-state output for reliable presence/absence detection in a variety of applications, including packaging and material...More>>

Magnetic Encoder IC from Austriamicrosystems Product
Magnetic Encoder IC from Austriamicrosystems   September 24, 2008

The AS5304 and AS5306 from Austriamicrosystems AG, Unterpremstaetten, Austria, are incremental linear magnetic encoder ICs for motion control applications. The devices provide incremental A and B quadrature output signals with 160 steps/magnet pole pair and an index pulse applied once every pole...More>>

Compact Magnetic Encoder from Timken Product
Compact Magnetic Encoder from Timken   September 10, 2008

The M15 modular magnetic encoder from The Timken Co., Canton, OH, provides stepper-motor positioning and anti-stall feedback, DC brush-type motor positioning, and brushless DC and servo motor control. Features include resolutions from 100 lines up to 2048 lines with 4-/6-/8-/12-pole commutation and...More>>

Ultrasonic Sensor from SICK Product
Ultrasonic Sensor from SICK   September 10, 2008

The UC4 from SICK Inc., Minneapolis, MN, is a small ultrasonic sensor that can detect optically difficult targets, such as clear, shiny, or dark materials. Sensing range is 250 mm and output is a single PNP or NPN signal. The UC4 can be set up in background suppression, window, and reflection...More>>

AS-Interface Junction Box from Pepperl+Fuchs Product
AS-Interface Junction Box from Pepperl+Fuchs   September 10, 2008

Pepperl+Fuchs Inc., Twinsburg, OH, offers the VBA-4E4A AS-Interface junction box modules that are 28.65 mm high and provide 4 in/4 out functionality to support up to 62 nodes/network. All I/O is powered directly by the AS-interface module. Features include Dual Lock mounting strips, removable...More>>

Miniature Inclinometer from Measurement Specialties Product
Miniature Inclinometer from Measurement Specialties   September 10, 2008

Measurement Specialties/HL Planartechnik, Dortmund, Germany, offers the Model NS-25/DQG2-XUA low-noise, microprocessor-controlled dual-axis inclinometer. The fully linearized, temperature-compensated, and calibrated device covers a ±25° measurement range in temperatures from...More>>

Noncontact Position Sensor from Lion Precision Product
Noncontact Position Sensor from Lion Precision   September 10, 2008

Lion Precision, St. Paul, MN, offers the ECL202 eddy current displacement/position sensor that uses FPGA technology to achieve improved immunity to EMI. The sensor is available in ranges from 0.5–15 mm with resolution as low as 0.008% at 10 kHz (depending on probe, range, and bandwidth)....More>>

Network Analyzer from Hilscher North America Product
Network Analyzer from Hilscher North America   September 10, 2008

The netANALYZER from Hilscher North America Inc., Lisle, IL, is a PCI-based network analyzer designed for use with real-time Industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherNet/IP with CIPSYNC, EtherCAT, PROFINET RT/IRT, and SERCOS III. The analyzer provides 4 full duplex ports allowing the measurement...More>>

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