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Information about automotive sensors and sensors used in automotive manufacturing.

MEMS IMU from SensorDynamics Product
MEMS IMU from SensorDynamics   April 22, 2009

SensorDynamics, Graz-Lebring, Austria, offers the 6DoF-IMU inertial measurement unit that is based on MEMS sensors and has outer dimensions of 1 in.3 The compact device offers 1500 g shock resistance in operation and 2000 g unpowered; a measurement range of ±300°/s and ±5 g, with...More>>

Hydraulic Impulse Calibrator from PCB Piezotronics Product
Hydraulic Impulse Calibrator from PCB Piezotronics   April 22, 2009

The Model 913B02 hydraulic impulse calibrator from PCB Piezotronics Inc., Depew, NY, is for dynamic field or laboratory calibration of piezoelectric pressure sensors. The device uses a drop mass on a piston to create half-sine pulses. The piston acts on a hydraulic-fluid-filled cylinder for...More>>

Network-Ready DA Systems from Microstar Labs Product
Network-Ready DA Systems from Microstar Labs   April 22, 2009

SMS scalar modular DA systems from Microstar Laboratories Inc., Bellevue, WA, combine a DAPserver with up to 2 DAP boards connected to 8 input signal interface modules and 2 output SI modules in a 3U card cage. MSXB 080 input SI modules provide isolated analog inputs for DAP systems; all inputs are...More>>

Digital Laser Scanners from Meta Vision Systems Product
Digital Laser Scanners from Meta Vision Systems   April 22, 2009

The DLS300 from Meta Vision Systems Ltd., Eynsham, U.K., is a 3D digital laser scanner for use in automated welding equipment. Conventional laser vision systems use a laser stripe projected onto the target. This is processed by a 2D area camera to produce a 3D profile of the target. The DLS300 is...More>>

Hall Effect Magnetic Position Sensors from Honeywell Product
Hall Effect Magnetic Position Sensors from Honeywell   April 22, 2009

The SS361RT and SS461R from Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN, are bipolar-latch Hall effect magnetic position sensors that feature enhanced sensitivity to enable the use of less-expensive magnets in some applications. Both sensors feature a 3 V supply voltage capability and are offered in either SOT-23...More>>

Linear Hall Encoder from Austriamicrosystems Product
Linear Hall Encoder from Austriamicrosystems   April 22, 2009

The AS5311 from Austriamicrosystems AG, Unterpremstaetten, Austria, is a Hall-effect sensor-based linear magnetic encoder capable of submicron resolution. For linear motion sensing, a multipole magnetic strip is used and for rotary motion sensing the magnetic strip is replaced by a multipole...More>>

2-Wire Hall Sensor from Allegro MicroSystems Product
2-Wire Hall Sensor from Allegro MicroSystems   April 22, 2009

The A1354 from Allegro MicroSystems Inc., Worcester, MA, is a programmable 2-wire Hall effect linear sensor with a PWM output targeted at automotive and industrial markets. The device includes a voltage regulator and produces a PWM signal proportional to an applied magnetic field. The BiCMOS...More>>

Water Detection Sensors from STM Sensors Product
Water Detection Sensors from STM Sensors   April 8, 2009

STM Sensors Inc., San Diego, CA, offers the MICROmote DL20JJ and DLV60JJ water detection sensors. The throughbeam photoelectric sensors use a 1450 nm IR light source to match the absorption spectrum of water and can provide level or bubble detection for medical technology or laboratory...More>>

GPS Logger from Saelig Product
GPS Logger from Saelig   April 8, 2009

The DG-100 from Saelig Co. Inc., Pittsford, NY, is a compact GPS logger that passively logs the routes of shipments, vehicles, personnel, or other mobile objects. The device incorporates the SiRFStar III GPS chipset and can store up to 60,000 data points of time, date, speed, altitude, and GPS...More>>

ICP Sensor Simulator from PCB Piezotronics Product
ICP Sensor Simulator from PCB Piezotronics   April 8, 2009

The Model 401B04 from PCB Piezotronics Inc., Depew, NY, is an ICP sensor simulator that installs in place of an ICP sensor and accepts test signals from a voltage function generator. The device lets you make sure that the entire measuring system is set up properly and can be used to verify signal...More>>


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