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Information about automotive sensors and sensors used in automotive manufacturing.

Electronic Compass from OceanServer Technology Product
Electronic Compass from OceanServer Technology   November 5, 2008

The OS4000-T Nano from OceanServer Technology Inc., Fall River, MA, is a tilt-compensated OEM digital compass for embedded applications. The compass combines 3-axis magnetic sensors with triaxial accelerometers and provides 0.5° nominal accuracy, 0.1° resolution, ±180° roll,...More>>

Network-Ready DA Systems from Microstar Labs Product
Network-Ready DA Systems from Microstar Labs   November 5, 2008

Microstar Laboratories Inc., Bellevue, WA, offers the DAPserver 500 test, measurement, and control products that combine a 5-slot PCI backplane and a 10-slot Eurocard cage in an industrial-grade chassis. A Pentium M processor runs server software on a board occupying one of the PCI slots. The...More>>

Fast Ethernet Switches from MEN Micro Product
Fast Ethernet Switches from MEN Micro   November 5, 2008

SF Series intelligent 8-port Fast Ethernet switches from MEN Micro Inc., Ambler, PA, provide RJ45, M12, and D-sub front connections and have a rugged design for use in harsh environments. The switches consume <7 W/switch, are packaged in a fanless housing; support full-duplex and half-duplex...More>>

Acoustic Sensor Assemblies from Knowles Acoustics Product
Acoustic Sensor Assemblies from Knowles Acoustics   November 5, 2008

H (full housing) and F (fixed-plate) Series waterproof shot-detection acoustic sensor assemblies from Knowles Acoustics, Itasca, IL, are for use as a component to detect/receive ultrasonic sound waves in air. The sensors use membrane and conductive plastic technologies to meet IP67, MIL-STD-461E,...More>>

Torque Sensor with USB Output from FUTEK Product
Torque Sensor with USB Output from FUTEK   November 5, 2008

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology Inc., Irvine, CA, offers the TFF400 reaction torque sensor with a USB digital interface with 16-bit resolution. The sensor features a flange-to-flange mount with torque measurements from &plusmn;5 in.-oz. to 500 in.-lb., nonlinearity of &plusmn;0.2%, torsional...More>>

Thin-Film Battery from Cymbet   November 5, 2008

Cymbet Corp., Minneapolis, MN, offers its EnerChip CC CBC3112 and CBC3150 thin-film batteries with integrated battery management. The batteries internally combine a thin-film battery, charge pump with integrated DC/DC converter, supply supervisor, low-ripple charger, configurable switchover to...More>>

Ultrasonic Sensor from Banner Engineering Product
Ultrasonic Sensor from Banner Engineering   November 5, 2008

The U-GAGE T30UX ultrasonic sensor from Banner Engineering Corp., Minneapolis, MN, is designed for challenging applications. Features include a choice of three sensing ranges from 100 mm to 3 m, built-in temperature compensation, an IP67 (NEMA 6) rated housing and fully encapsulated electronics; a...More>>

Thermal Management Sensor from National Semiconductor Product
Thermal Management Sensor from National Semiconductor   October 22, 2008

The LM95172Q from National Semiconductor Corp., Santa Clara, CA, is a digital temperature sensor that monitors automotive system temperature up to 175&deg;C with &plusmn;1&deg;C accuracy between 130&deg;C and 160&deg;C. Features include SPI and Microwire bus interfaces, a 16-bit &Sigma; &Delta;...More>>

Sensor Verification Kit from MTS Systems Product
Sensor Verification Kit from MTS Systems   October 22, 2008

The M Series CAN test kit from MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div., Cary, NC, is a portable test kit for the CAN protocol versions of the company's off-highway M Series linear position sensors to verify functionality of the sensors after they are installed. The kit includes an easy to use GUI and an...More>>

Simultaneous-Sampling ADC from Maxim Product
Simultaneous-Sampling ADC from Maxim   October 22, 2008

The MAX11043 from Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA, is a quad, 16-bit simultaneous-sampling ADC for sensor applications. Designed for continuous wave chirp radar systems, the device provides conditioning and digitization of IF signals from a 24 GHz or 77 GHz radar front-end for a DSP or...More>>

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