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Information about automotive sensors and sensors used in automotive manufacturing.

Ultrasonic Sensor from Banner Engineering Product
Ultrasonic Sensor from Banner Engineering   November 5, 2008

The U-GAGE T30UX ultrasonic sensor from Banner Engineering Corp., Minneapolis, MN, is designed for challenging applications. Features include a choice of three sensing ranges from 100 mm to 3 m, built-in temperature compensation, an IP67 (NEMA 6) rated housing and fully encapsulated electronics; a...More>>

Thermal Management Sensor from National Semiconductor Product
Thermal Management Sensor from National Semiconductor   October 22, 2008

The LM95172Q from National Semiconductor Corp., Santa Clara, CA, is a digital temperature sensor that monitors automotive system temperature up to 175°C with ±1°C accuracy between 130°C and 160°C. Features include SPI and Microwire bus interfaces, a 16-bit Σ Δ...More>>

Sensor Verification Kit from MTS Systems Product
Sensor Verification Kit from MTS Systems   October 22, 2008

The M Series CAN test kit from MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div., Cary, NC, is a portable test kit for the CAN protocol versions of the company's off-highway M Series linear position sensors to verify functionality of the sensors after they are installed. The kit includes an easy to use GUI and an...More>>

Simultaneous-Sampling ADC from Maxim Product
Simultaneous-Sampling ADC from Maxim   October 22, 2008

The MAX11043 from Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA, is a quad, 16-bit simultaneous-sampling ADC for sensor applications. Designed for continuous wave chirp radar systems, the device provides conditioning and digitization of IF signals from a 24 GHz or 77 GHz radar front-end for a DSP or...More>>

Hall Effect Rotary Position Sensor from Honeywell Product
Hall Effect Rotary Position Sensor from Honeywell   October 22, 2008

Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN, offers RPN Series Hall effect rotary position sensors available in 8 operating ranges up to 360°. Five supply voltage outputs (5 VDC to 30 VDC) and 8 output configurations (mA or VDC) improve compatibility with a variety of control systems. Linearity is as low as...More>>

Rotary Position Sensor from Penny + Giles Product
Rotary Position Sensor from Penny + Giles   October 8, 2008

The SRH500P configurable rotary sensor from Penny + Giles Controls Ltd., Christchurch, U.K., is suitable for steering, suspension, and lift system position measurement on municipal, agricultural, and construction vehicles. The noncontact Hall device operates from either a 5 VDC regulated or...More>>

Smart Vibration Switch from PCB Piezotronics Product
Smart Vibration Switch from PCB Piezotronics   October 8, 2008

PCB Piezotronics Inc., IMI Sensors Div., Depew, NY, offers the Series 686B USB-programmable smart vibration switch for 24/7 continuous monitoring and protection of cooling towers, fin fans, pumps, HVAC systems, and other critical machinery. An alternative to mechanical vibration switches, the...More>>

I-V Characterization System from Keithley Product
I-V Characterization System from Keithley   October 8, 2008

Series 2600A System SourceMeter instruments from Keithley Instruments Inc., Cleveland, OH, combine a precision power supply, true current source, DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator with measurement, electronic load, and trigger control. Features include measurement speeds up...More>>

Urea-Dosing Sensor from Kavlico Product
Urea-Dosing Sensor from Kavlico   October 8, 2008

Kavlico, Moorpark, CA, offers a pressure sensor that is used to provide feedback to the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after-treatment systems in diesel engines. In these engines, NOx emissions are reduced by urea-air dosing with either 32.5% aqueous urea solution (AUS32) or AdBlue. The sensor...More>>

Chip-Scale 3-Axis Compass from Honeywell Product
Chip-Scale 3-Axis Compass from Honeywell   October 8, 2008

Honeywell, Phoenix, AZ, offers the HMC5843 chip-scale 3-axis compass IC for mobile phones, personal navigation systems, and portable auto navigation systems. The compass can provide expanded direction awareness when overlaid on GPS-enabled maps and can display compass, pointing, and heading...More>>

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