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Information about automotive sensors and sensors used in automotive manufacturing.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator from Strategic Test Product
Arbitrary Waveform Generator from Strategic Test   December 10, 2008

Strategic Test Corp., Woburn, MA, offers the UF2e-6011 two-channel, 20 Msps, 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) PCI Express card. Each channel has its own 14-bit DAC and a choice of 3 reconstruction filters to give bandwidths of 5 MHz, 1 MHz, or 100 kHz. No-filter option is...More>>

Drift Pull Steering Sensor from Sensor Developments Product
Drift Pull Steering Sensor from Sensor Developments   December 10, 2008

Sensor Developments Inc., Lake Orion, MI, offers the 90408 Series steering torque and angle sensor designed to test drift pull on vehicles. The sensor clamps to the vehicle's steering wheel, tared to establish vehicle ground, and is allowed to run at a preset recording period. A USB-compatible...More>>

USB to Serial Adapters from Sealevel Systems Product
USB to Serial Adapters from Sealevel Systems   December 10, 2008

Sealevel Systems Inc., Liberty, SC, offers the 1-port SeaLINK/PC.SC and 2-port SeaLINK+2/PC.SC embedded USB to serial adapter. The adapters have a PC bracket to add serial ports to a PC using the PC's internal USB connection and the serial ports are software-configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or...More>>

Modbus to Analog Modules from DGH Product
Modbus to Analog Modules from DGH   December 10, 2008

DGH Corp., Manchester, NH, offers the D3000M series of Modbus-compatible digital-to-analog modules that let you control an analog output using a serial port. The modules combine a 12-bit DAC with programmable analog output control features and the ability to communicate using Modbus RTU over an...More>>

Rotational Speed Sensor from Rheintacho Product
Rotational Speed Sensor from Rheintacho   November 19, 2008

Rheintacho Messtechnik GmbH, Freiburg, Germany, offers the HDD range of rotational speed sensors for heavy-duty applications. The sensors weigh 150 g (depending on specifications), use differential Hall sensors, enable a large air gap between the sensor tip and gearwheel, and have PNP/NPN or...More>>

Handheld DSO/DMM from Protek Test & Measurement Product
Handheld DSO/DMM from Protek Test & Measurement   November 19, 2008

The Model S2505 from Protek Test & Measurement, Englewood, NJ, is a battery-operated, dual-channel 5 MHz bandwidth, 50 Msps DSO and a 10,000-count true RMS DMM. DSO specifications include ±3% vertical accuracy, 512 bytes record length in single-shot/glitch capture and 256 bytes in other...More>>

GigE Vision Software from Pleora Technologies   November 19, 2008

Pleora Technologies, Kanata, ON, Canada, offers the eBUS driver and PureGEV suites for all GigE Vision-compatible products, including cameras not based on the company's iPORT IP engines. The eBUS drivers optimize the performance of GigE Vision-based applications by making most CPU resources in the...More>>

Handheld Engine Tachometer from Ono Sokki Product
Handheld Engine Tachometer from Ono Sokki   November 19, 2008

The HT-6100 from Ono Sokki Technology Inc., Addison, IL, is a handheld engine tachometer that, when used in combination with one of the company's detectors, can measure rpms on virtually any engine type. The device is used for research and/or production measurement of rpm on gasoline and diesel...More>>

Spectral Vibration Data Logger from MadgeTech Product
Spectral Vibration Data Logger from MadgeTech   November 19, 2008

The SVR101 from MadgeTech Inc., Warner, NH, is a logger designed to record accelerations for the spectral analysis of vibration and peaks for endurance testing, machinery failure detection, and vehicle vibration monitoring. The device records and time stamps 3-axis vibrations and peaks to provide a...More>>

Active Filters and ADC Drivers from Linear Product
Active Filters and ADC Drivers from Linear   November 19, 2008

Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, CA, offers a family of five single- and dual-performance wide-bandwidth low-pass active filter/ADC driver amplifier products for challenging filtering applications in broadband wireless communications and signal processing equipment. The parts are the LTC6603 dual...More>>

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