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JSA Photonics LLC

Jonathan D. Weiss earned a physics from the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer for JSA Photonics LLC, a New Mexico high-tech company that specializes in refractometers for inline process control and the measurement of battery state-of-charge. Previously, Jonathan worked at Sandia National Laboratories, where much of his work involved the invention of optical sensors of various kinds. He holds 17 patents for such devices, several of which have been licensed. Before that, he worked as a civilian scientist at the Air force Research Laboratory. He earned a physics from the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois.


Side-Emitting Long-Line Fiber-Optic Position Sensor Gets An Update   November 30, 2015
By: Jonathan D. Weiss

This article describes a variation on a fluorescent long-line fiber-optic position sensor.

Optical Liquid-Level Sensing Eases Industrial Applications   February 7, 2014
By: Jonathan D. Weiss,Joseph S. Accetta

Laboratory measurements and optical modeling suggest that extremely simple optical sensors can be used to measure liquid level in an industrial environment. Two such sensors are discussed here: a hollow-tube sensor and a solid-rod sensor.

A Novel Fiber-Optic Fluid Interface Sensor   May 1, 2008
By: Jonathan D. Weiss

This article presents the proof-of-principle of a new sensor capable of detecting the position of the interface between two fluids.

A Fluorescent Long-Line Fiber-Optic Position Sensor   March 1, 2005
By: Jonathan D. Weiss

A fluorescent long-line fiber-optic position sensor has been devised for measurement ranges varying from centimeters to many meters where extremely high resolution is not required. The sensor can also measure the position of several objects simultaneously.


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