Bluetooth Serial Adapter from SENA

Bluetooth Serial Adapter from SENA
SENA Technologies Inc.
Designed to replace RS-232 serial cables with wireless connectivity, the Promi-SD from SENA Technologies, Milpitas, CA, enables a serial device to communicate with another serial port adapter or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, handheld computers, and laptops. The Promi-SD has a 9-pin female DB-9 connector, uses a stub antenna, and is Class 1, Bluetooth 1.1 compliant, supporting general access and serial port profiles. Transmit range is up to 1 km with an optional patch antenna. Data transfer speeds are up to 230 Kbps. Three models are available with ranges from 30 m (Promi-SD101, Class 2) to 100 m (Promi-SD202 and Promi-SD205, both Class 1).

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Company: SENA Technologies Inc.
Phone number: 408-573-7425/866-887-7362
Fax: 408-907-3738