Vibration Displacement Sensor from Wilcoxon

Vibration Displacement Sensor from Wilcoxon
Wilcoxon Research

The PC420D from Wilcoxon Research, Germantown, MD, is an IEPE displacement transducer and 4–20 mA vibration transmitter in a single device. The sensor provides a 4–20 mA output based on the displacement level of the machine's vibration, first measuring the peak-to-peak vibration and then converting it to a 4–20 mA signal. The device can track the balance component of machines; this signal can be integrated into existing PLC, DCS, or SCADA systems to simplify real-time health monitoring. The sensor can provide condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance of motors operating in the 300–60,000 rpm range and can be used to monitor the balance of pump motors, blowers, fan motors, compressor motors, and machine tool drive motors.

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