ODVA Expands CIP for Sensor Applications

The international association ODVA is developing a network for simple sensors and actuators using the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). ODVA has named this new activity Project CipNet SA. CIP Networks—including DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP—allow manufacturers to integrate automation applications with enterprise-level Ethernet networks and the Internet.

This new technology is geared to applications that require large numbers of distributed sensors and actuators. It aims to help manufacturers transmit small packets of data quickly between these devices and controllers, and to connect them using cost-effective, easy-to-install physical media.

Next step: formation of a special interest group to add the new network technology to ODVA's existing suite of specs. ODVA expects the new specification could be published as soon as Q1 2006. Omron Corp. originated the technology and has granted ODVA the right to develop it. (www.odva.org)