Linear Image Sensor from CMOS Sensor

Linear Image Sensor from CMOS Sensor
CMOS Sensor Inc.

CMOS Sensor Inc., Cupertino, CA, offers the C640 linear image sensor with 4000 photodiode elements. The device uses a 7 by 7 µm pixel size integrated with a programmable gain amplifier, 12-bit ADC, voltage regulator, low voltage differential amplifier, and timing generator and provides a 28 mm imaging length. Thermal noise is <2 LSB, saturation is 4096 LSB for a dynamic range of more than 2000:1. Other features include reduced fixed-pattern noise, auto dark voltage cancellation, snap shot operation, image processing function controls, and destructive readout, nondestructive readout, or power-down output modes.

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Company: CMOS Sensor Inc.
Phone number: 408-366-2898