Java, Ethernet MCU and Module from Imsys

Java, Ethernet MCU and Module from Imsys
Imsys Technologies AB

The IM3910 MCU from Imsys Technologies AB, Vasby, Sweden, is a member of the company's reconfigurable system on chip (RSoC) products that bridges the gap between source code and gate-level execution I/O demanding, power-sensitive devices. The Java Virtual Machine (VM) is an integral part of the MCU. The MCU supports dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, 3 UARTs with 920 Kbps, I2C or high-speed SPI, 8 DMA channels, and a sustained 83 MBps throughput. API support includes efficient networking and the ability to mix and match among Java, C, and assembler. Applications include automation networking, battery powered devices, Internet-connected equipment, Java enabled remote control, point of purchase systems, and facility management.

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