IR Windowing Camera from Sensors Unlimited

IR Windowing Camera from Sensors Unlimited
Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich Corp.

The SU640SDWH-1.7RT from Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich Corp., Princeton, NJ, is a high-frame-rate, high-resolution shortwave IR camera with ROI windowing capabilities. Features include spectral response from 900–1700 nm, and a 640 by 512 pixel focal plane array on a 25 µm pitch to capture full-size images at 109 frames/s. Frame rate is >15,000 frames/s for a smaller ROI. The InGaAs camera features room-temperature operation and provides a single 14-bit digital CameraLink-compatible output and a simultaneous analog video NTSC output.

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Company: Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich Corp.
Phone number: 609-520-0610
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