Hydraulic Testers from Flo-tech

Hydraulic Testers from Flo-tech
Flo-tech, Racine, WI, offers the PFM6, PFM6BD, and PFM8 portable hydraulic testers for diagnostic troubleshooting of all types of mobile or stationary hydraulic systems and components. The testers make all flow, pressure, and temperature measurements simultaneously from one point. The PFM6 Flo-check has ±1% full-range accuracy with a turbine flow sensor, a platinum resistance thermometer, and a swept wet well. The PFM6BD has the same features as the PFM6 but adds inline testing of servo systems, valves, and bidirectional motors. The PFM8 tester and dynamometer reads digital pressure to 6000 psi/414 bar and hp and kW directly.

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Company: Flo-tech
Phone number: 800-433-5263