Hall Effect Sensors from Allegro MicroSystems

Hall Effect Sensors from Allegro MicroSystems
Allegro MicroSystems Inc.
The A1391/2 and A1393/5 from Allegro MicroSystems Inc., Worcester, MA, are analog-output, linear Hall effect sensors that operate down to 2.5 V, include a sleep enable pin, and have high impedance outputs while in sleep mode. You can configure power consumption by modulating when the device is active (~4 mA current draw) and sleeping (~25 µA). During sleep mode, output is not valid, high impedance, letting you connect the outputs from multiple devices to a single ADC. The A1391/2 sensors have 1.25 mV/G and 2.50 mV/G gain, respectively, while the A1393/5 have 5.00 mV/G and 10.0 mV/G gains.

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