GigE, FireWire-b Cameras from Basler

GigE, FireWire-b Cameras from Basler
Basler Vision Technologies

Basler Vision Technologies, Ahrensburg, Germany, has introduced four scout series cameras based on Sony's ICX285 CCD sensor, available in color or monochrome models, and offering Gigabit Ethernet or FireWire-b interfaces. The cameras have a 29 by 44 by 73.7 mm housing and provide standard RJ-45 Ethernet or screwable FireWire-b connectors. With a GigE Vision-compliant Gigabit Ethernet interface, the cameras offer 12-bit image data transfer and color output at the full 30 frames/s. The company's pylon driver package supports both GigE and FireWire cameras; the pylon SDK enables integration into existing applications.

Contact Info

Company: Basler Vision Technologies
Country: Germany
Phone number: +49 4102-463-500