Compact Vision System from VEA

Compact Vision System from VEA
The Value Engineering Alliance (VEA)
A compact multifunctional vision system, the SmallFrEYE_PC from The Value Engineering Alliance (VEA), Cambridge, MA, was originally developed for manufacture of electronic devices and components. Its architecture supports multitasking and its modular software design lets you combine and exercise various functional blocks as needed. Primary modules include part detection, pin 1 detection, package location, mark inspection/OCV, 2D ball grid array inspection, chip-scale packaging pad inspection, ECC080 and ECC200 data matrix decoding, ID bar code decoding, OCR, and general-purpose measuring tools. The device is installed on a Pentium 4 processor-powered PC running Windows XP with an appropriate Firewire camera/lens/lighting combination.

Contact Info

Company: The Value Engineering Alliance (VEA)
Phone number: 617-492-1252