8051 Microcontroller from Ramtron

8051 Microcontroller from Ramtron
Ramtron Intl. Corp.

The VRS51L2070 from Ramtron Intl. Corp., Colorado Springs, CO, is an 8051-based microcontroller that delivers the power and speed of a 16-bit MCU without migrating from an 8-bit device. The microcontroller incorporates a 40 MIPS, single-cycle 8051 core; 64 KB of Flash memory with in-system/in-application programming; 4 KB of SRAM; a JTAG program/debug interface; DSP extensions; and a robust digital peripheral set. The device operates at 3.3 V over the industrial temperature range and is suited for use in embedded DA, sensor, and control applications in the industrial, medical, consumer, instrumentation, and automotive markets.

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Company: Ramtron Intl. Corp.
Phone number: 800-545-3726