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Researchers Develop Flexible And Customizable Battery

November 7, 2013 By: Mathew Dirjish, Sensors

Flexible battery suits endless applications including flexible OLED displays and bendable designs

New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, NJ) professor of chemistry and environmental science Somenath Mitra and his assistant, doctoral student Zhiqian Wang, have created a flexible battery made from carbon nanotubes. The shapeable power source targets emerging flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays as well as the next wave of bendable and wearable electronics.

According to professor Mitra, it is possible to make a battery the size of a pinhead or as large as a living room carpet. He points out, and it is obvious, that the applications for his invention are virtually endless. For example, a car battery that just rolls up and fits in the trunk. In turn, if a spare tire is essential, how about a spare battery, or two?

Impressive as that may be, the professor and his assistant also clear another hurdle: user customization. End users will be able to fabricate and shape the battery on site.  As per the researchers, a typical battery kit consists of electrode paste and a laminating machine.

The fabricating process, at this point, may be a bit involved for novice hands. It entails first coating two plastic sheets with electrode paste. Next, the user inserts a separator between the sheets and then laminates the assembly. Users would be able to assemble custom, flexible components that function like common AA and AAA batteries.

A patent application for the battery is on file. For more details, you can download a detailed paper with specs at http://web.njit.edu/~mitra/battery-poster-wang-2013.pdf and/or email professor Mitra at somenath.mitra@njit.edu.

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