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Global Motion Sensor Sales Expected to Grow     April 4, 2012

A MarketsandMarkets report predicts the market segment will reach $4.8 billion by 2016, with a CAGR of 21.78%.More>>

The Rise of Connected, Intelligent Devices     April 4, 2012

The convergence of analog technology and sensor fusion will drive the growing presence of smart technology in the automotive, consumer, and industrial markets.More>>

Metal Oxide Thin-Film Transistor Markets Report     April 4, 2012

NanoMarkets announces the release of a study that analyzes the next wave of nonsilicon thin-film transistors and their application, potential business revenues, and key markets.More>>

Measurement Specialties Acquires Cosense     April 4, 2012

The move complements MEAS’ product offering, particularly within the high-purity semiconductor, medical infusion pump, and commercial aerospace markets.More>>

Redpine Signals Introduces Wi-Fi RTLS Tags     April 3, 2012

The new WiseMote Wi-Fi devices for asset tracking and sensor network applications operate in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and support extended battery life.More>>

API Introduces the T-Gauge     April 3, 2012

The system has been developed for industrial quality and process control, using terahertz energy and high-speed data processing to perform nondestructive inspection of nonconducting products.More>>

Mobile Device Semiconductor Market Grows     April 3, 2012

ABI Research reports that, unlike the total semiconductor market, this segment experienced significant growth in 2011, with revenue from chipsets designed for consumer wireless products increasing more than 20% to $35 billion.More>>

Terepac Launches Ultra-Thin TereTag     April 3, 2012

The “world's tiniest digital electronics” gives virtually any object a voice through apps and social media, enabling it to become part of the "Internet of Things."More>>

Sumitomo Electric to Acquire EMCORE's VCSEL Assets     March 29, 2012

Under the agreement, SEDU will acquire EMCORE's VCSEL and VCSEL-enabled fiber-optic transceiver technology and assets to expand the company's high-performance computing portfolio.More>>

EM Microelectronic Announces EPC Gen2 Chip     March 29, 2012

The EM4124 offers market’s highest read sensitivity for EPC Gen2 chip.More>>

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