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Wovyn Enables “Internet of Things” Connectivity

May 16, 2012

The company’s platform makes it possible for data from a growing number of sensors to be routed to applications that manage buildings, transportation, agriculture, and home environments.

CHARLESTON, UT /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Wovyn unveiled its first set of products allowing developers and consumers anywhere to build the Internet of Things. Wovyn hardware and its Loom software let the physical world quickly become part of any information system, feeding data into applications that manage buildings, transportation, agriculture, or home environments like never before.

"Wovyn accelerates the growth of the Internet of Everything," said Scott C. Lemon, Wovyn's Founder. "Our platform makes it easier to connect almost any sensor or control technology via standard Web protocols to almost any Internet service or third-party software. This allows a much broader range of users and developers to develop powerful applications much faster."

Wovyn is creating an open and extensible system that allows data from its growing number of supported sensors to be routed to any application through its Loom software. Wovyn has early partnerships across many business areas, including property management, restaurants and retail, trucking and logistics, and energy production.

"The Internet of Things is likely to be one of the biggest growth areas of our decade," said Vahe Kassardjian, cofounder of Sen.se. "We are very happy to see companies like Wovyn pioneering this industry with innovative ideas. Wovyn's platform and devices will be crucial building blocks to allow us all to get creative and embrace progress."

Wovyn has launched its initial platform on Kickstarter.com. The initial product includes more than two dozen sensors available and in development, USB and Wi-Fi gateways running its Loom software, and connections to more than 10 consumer and developer services.

About Wovyn
Wovyn powers the "Internet of Things." Its software and hardware allow objects and places to talk with Web applications.

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