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Imatest and Graphin Collaborate

February 10, 2011

The joint effort aims to expand the capabilities of Imatest's Image Sensor Edition, a software tool that speeds the configuration cycle of image capture, testing, and analysis.

TOKYO /PRNewswire/ -- Imatest LLC, a Boulder, CO–based maker of the "world's most popular image-quality testing software," and Graphin Co. Ltd., of Tokyo, a rapidly emerging leader in evaluation suites for image sensors, have joined forces to expand the capabilities of Imatest's Image Sensor (IS) Edition, a powerful software tool that dramatically speeds the cycle of image capture, testing and analysis.

Now, Imatest's IS Edition interfaces directly with Graphin's GPirates, an evaluation suite for image sensor products, enabling engineers to quickly configure image sensors and then immediately assess image quality with the IS Edition software.

The process of correctly configuring image sensors is an iterative cycle: setting sensor registers, capturing images, conducting tests, and analyzing image quality results—a time-intensive cycle repeated to achieve an ideal configuration for each application and each sensor.

By combining Graphin's GPirates capabilities with Imatest's IS Edition, images can now be directly read from the sensor and analyzed, instantly providing product engineers with the information they need to optimize sensor settings, including sharpness, noise, blemish detection, dynamic range, color accuracy, distortion, uniformity, lateral chromatic aberration, and ISO sensitivity.

"Through partnerships with world-class companies like Graphin, Imatest continues to blaze new trails with enhancements to its large suite of image quality software, including its flagship Master Edition and more specialized products, such as the Infrared Edition and the Industrial Testing Edition," said Randy Bockrath, Chief Executive Officer of Imatest. "We are pleased that this joint effort between Imatest and Graphin expands the capabilities of the IS Edition to engineers working with Graphin's increasingly popular image sensor configuration products."

"By integrating the IS Edition with Graphin's GPirates sensor evaluation suite, we hope to dramatically reduce the time required to configure sensors. We are thrilled to collaborate with Imatest on this effort and deliver value to the many engineers who work with the GPirates product," said Tomoaki Kurosawa, President of Graphin.

About Imatest
Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., Imatest LLC is the "world's leading provider of software for testing digital image quality, in still shots or video, and in visible light or infrared." Imatest delivers software and consulting services to support product design, configuration, and production of digital imaging systems across a wide range of industries, including mobile imaging, medical imaging, aerospace, and defense.

About Graphin
Graphin Co. Ltd., a rapidly emerging leader in evaluation suites for image sensors, designs and develops image input boards, evaluation systems for image sensor products, and digital input/output boards that support industrial cameras. The company's MIPI-based product series of evaluation systems for images generated from CMOS image sensors, GPirates, is fully compliant with the four-lane MIPI CSI-2 standard.

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