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Difference Capital Funding Invests in Gotham Analytics

August 14, 2012

The investment will enable Gotham to accelerate customer acquisition and product development efforts.

TORONTO -- Difference Capital Funding Inc. is pleased to announce its investment in Gotham Analytics LLC, a technology company specializing in the delivery of systems and solutions that leverages satellite communications for mission critical remote monitoring applications.

Difference Capital Funding has acquired 48% of Gotham Analytics in the form of equity.

"Gotham Analytics has attractive IP, Canadian and U.S. enterprise clients, and significant support for its products from federal regulatory agencies in the United Sates," said Michael Wekerle, CEO of Difference Capital Funding. "We are excited to add this unique business to our growing stable of investments."

Gotham technology runs on renewable energy sources and achieves communication paths independent of traditional cellular and landline methods. Users of the system can control, monitor, and communicate on demand, globally. The technology is suitable to a wide-range of industries and markets that use sensors as well as those that wish to adopt sensor technology.

"The partnership and investment from Difference Capital Funding comes at a critical juncture for Gotham and will enable us to accelerate customer acquisition and product development efforts," said Yogi Sookhu, CEO of Gotham Analytics. "We are fortunate to have access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise that DCF brings to the table."

Gotham is currently working closely with the state of New Jersey to deploy the FrontLine AQUA system as an advance early-warning flood system. In addition Gotham collaborated with the City University of New York and the New Jersey Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute to develop an advance ocean surge modeling system.

About Difference Capital Funding
Difference Capital Funding Inc. is a public-listed, Toronto-based merchant bank, primarily focused on growth-oriented investments.

About Gotham Analytics
Gotham Analytics LLC develops new ways to collect and analyze data in real-time from remote locations, using sensor networks and presenting the information in an up-to-date, user-friendly format to management officials and first responders.

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