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Edward E. Herceg is currently Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Alliance Sensors Group, a division of H. G. Schaevitz LLC. He is noted for his applications engineering expertise and for his technical innovations. Before joining ASG, he held senior technical and marketing positions at Everight Sensors Corp., AST Macro Sensors, Massa Products Corp., and Schaevitz Engineering (now part of Measurement Specialties Inc.), and is known as the author of the Schaevitz Handbook of Measurement and Control.

Where Does LVIT Technology Fit In The Sensor World   July 17, 2015
By: Edward E. Herceg

Linear variable inductive transducers (LVITs) have been around for more than 30 years and are becoming very popular due to their relatively low cost and packaging flexibility.

What's LVIT Technology And What's So Good About It?   February 13, 2015
By: Edward E. Herceg

A linear position sensing technology, LVIT stands for Linear Variable Inductance Transducer.

New Position Sensors Assist Bridge Inspection Engineers   April 18, 2014
By: Edward E. Herceg

An ongoing challenge in the USA is that our transportation infrastructure is aging. Typically major bridges were built more than 50 years ago, and increasing traffic has resulted in load limits being placed on many of them.




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