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Dr. Peter Fuhr

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Peter Fuhr is a Distinguished Member of the research staff of the Measurement Science and Systems Engineering (MSSE) Division at ORNL. He can be reached at 865-574-5206,

A Workshop on the Future of Instrumentation   November 19, 2010
By: Dr. Kenneth Tobin,Dr. Peter Fuhr

Each year there are a variety of meetings and conferences that pertain to various aspects of sensors, automation, instrumentation, and applications. In many of these meetings, the bulk of the meeting/conference is focused on describing past and current efforts with a look over the horizon as to...more >>

Asset Tracking in Industrial Settings—A Review of Wireless Technologies Part 3: RSSI-, RuBee-, and UWB-Based Systems   August 1, 2008
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr

Most wireless technologies to be used for industrial asset tracking are nowhere near the point of offering plug-and-play operation. Before you decide to use a system based on RSSI, RuBee, or UWB in a RTLS, make sure you know what you're signing up for.

Asset Tracking in Industrial Settings—A Review of Wireless Technologies Part 2: RFID-, GPS-, and Chirped Frequency-Based Systems   July 1, 2008
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr

Real-time location systems require accuracy and reliability. Will RFID-, GPS-, or chirped frequency-based systems meet your minimum requirements?

Asset Tracking in Industrial Settings—A Review of Wireless Technologies Part 1: The Basics   June 1, 2008
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr

Before you can come to grips with industrial real-time location systems, you must understand the environment in which they function and the communications that empower them.

Wireless Signal Congestion: Whatever Happened to Peaceful Coexistence?   October 1, 2006
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr,Hesh Kagan,Jose Gutierrez, PhD,MS ,PhD ,Rob Conant, PhD,Wayne Manges, MS

There was significant channel congestion and the wireless systems didn't always function as the exhibitors had hoped.

Can Wireless Standards Work Together?   April 1, 2006
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr,Hesh Kagan

The industrial world has spawned numerous standards bodies. Can they bridge the chasms between IT, RF, and wireless industrial bus protocols with standards that deliver coexistence and interoperability?

Mesh Radio Network Performance in Cargo Containers   March 1, 2005
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr,Robert Lau

Wireless sensors installed inside a cargo container? Aren't they metal? Then the radio signal can't get out . . .or can it? Here's how mesh-networked 2.4 GHz, 802.15.4-compliant RF transceivers performed when placed within cargo containers.

The Realities of Dealing with Wireless Mesh Networks   June 1, 2004
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr,Robert Lau

Mesh networking has great promise, but you need to understand the subtleties involved to effectively use a mesh network to meet your goals.

Measuring with Light Part 4: Sensor and Communications Component Compatibilities   July 1, 2000
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr

This review of the components used in sensing and communications applications will help you assess the ease with which components used in one area can be applied in the other.

Measuring with Light Part 3: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed Fiber-Optic Communications   June 1, 2000
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr

What does a cutting-edge technology from the communications arena have to do with fiber-optic sensing? Bandwidth, massive amounts of bandwidth.

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