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Advertisers should provide broadcast-ready HTML, a subject line, and a preheader.


1. Providing broadcast-ready HTML: Emails are not like print advertising, or even like website advertising/design. Be sure your email has a clear call to action. Email software, Internet Service Providers and various anti-spam filters have made even legitimate email broadcasting a challenge. We check and optimize HTML for viewing in Microsoft Outlook; web-based email programs have many different standards and therefore we cannot guarantee HTML will be viewed correctly on web-based email. The following points are designed to help you get your message delivered and read:

  • All-image emails trigger spam filters. Body copy MUST be html text. HTML should be at least 50% text-based/50% image-based.
  • Total width of HTML display should be 600 pixels or less.
  • You have only a few seconds to grab the recipient's attention - don't waste it with large images that take too long to load. File size for complete mailing (including images) must be less than 1MB. Preferred total file size is under 100KB (to load within 3.2 seconds on a 256 Kbps DSL line and have a better chance of being read).
  • Please designate a single individual to receive and approve test emails. Your broadcast cannot proceed without a signoff from this individual.
  • To comply with U.S. CANSPAM regulations, we require a valid physical postal address of the advertiser. Please provide address when sending materials to avoid delays.
  • CSS style tags are permitted, if embedded within the email (cannot LINK or IMPORT a stylesheet). Do NOT use CSS for absolute positioning.
  • Because some email browsers (especially web-based) remove the <HEAD></HEAD> section of html, CSS should be embedded (in-line) with each tag or, as a work-around, the <style></style> section can be moved to the very top of the <BODY></BODY> section.
  • Do not use FORM or SCRIPT tags.
  • Images should be hosted on your web servers. Please use absolute URLs in the image tages (e.g., <IMG SRC="http://www.website.com/images/image3.gif">). Be aware that a large email broadcast can result in a concentrated heavy load on your server.
  • Use only .gif and .jpg formats — no .bmp, .png or flash files.
  • All emails are broadcast with an OPT-OUT MESSAGE and link. We append this to your email, so do not include any op-out links within your email. Our opt-out will appear at the bottom, centered under your email.
  • Text-only versions may be used.
  • We support styles as in-line styles.
  • Questex reserves the right to edit images and HTML to fit within accepted best practices in email marketing.
  • Provide a plain text file of the email (don't forget to include any text that might be contained in your images). We broadcast multipart alternative format emails, which include an html version and a text version of your message; recipients who can view html see the graphic version and all others see the plain text version.

2. Subject line: A good subject line should be short, descriptive and entice a reader to explore your message further.

  • Subject line should be 50 characters or less. It should start with an action verb such as learn, download, etc.
  • Please be mindful to stay away from overused, spam triggering words: Free, Help, Offer, Percent off, Reminder, Guaranteed and punctuation marks such as "!" and "?" should be avoided.
  • Providing localization, such as including a city name, can assist in achieving higher open rates.

3. Preheader: A preheader is the text following the subject line when an email is previewed before opening it. It is mainly used as a call to action to help grab a reader's attention on a mobile device, the new Gmail layout, and in Outlook (with certain notification settings).

  • Preheader should be 85 characters or less.
  • Use the preheader to compliment the subject line. It's another opportunity to entice the viewer to open the email. It is commonly used as a short summary or an opportunity to flag the message type (i.e. "Account Notice" or "Status Alert").

4. The following are advised against:

  •     inked CSS
  •     Any scripting
  •     URLs that are IP numeric addresses
  •     Any images other than JPG or GIF
  •     Flash or other rich media to be embedded in the email
  •     Absolute positioning definitions in CSS
  •     Nested tables
  •     Color specs that may hinder readability





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