Water Quality Analyzer from Sensicore

Water Quality Analyzer from Sensicore
The WaterPOINT 870 from Seniscore, Ann Arbor, MI, uses a lab-on-chip system to measure 14 water quality parameters on a single test sample in 4 min. The device tests for free and total chlorine, monochloramine, pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, carbon dioxide, total alkalinity, calcium and calcium hardness, ammonia, ORP, temperature, and Langelier saturation index. An optional add-on module enables tests for turbidity and color. The device has a built-in computer and uses a semi-disposable silicon-based chip that lasts for 30 profiles. Data retrieval is via Bluetooth or RS-232 serial port.

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Company: Seniscore
Phone number: 877-528-6333
Fax: 734-528-6301