Time-to-Digital Converter from Transducers Direct

Time-to-Digital Converter from Transducers Direct
Transducers Direct LLC
The GP2 time-to-digital converter (TDC) from Transducers Direct LLC, Miamiville, OH, provides 50 ps resolution rms on 2 channels and integrates a fire-pulse generator, clock calibration unit, and temperature measurement unit in a 5 by 5 mm QFN 32 package. There are two measurement ranges: one provides 2 channels with 65 ps resolution, 2 ns to 1.8 µs range, and 15 ns pulse-pair resolution; the other provides 1 channel with 65 ps resolution, 500 ns to 4 ms measurement range, and 500 ns pulse-pair resolution. Applications include ultrasonic flowmeters, laser rangefinders, and magnetostrictive transducers.

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