Signal Conditioning Systems from R.C. Electronics

Signal Conditioning Systems from R.C. Electronics
R.C. Electronics Inc.

DTX-5000 systems from R.C. Electronics Inc., Santa Barbara, CA, are for DA applications requiring large channel counts and varying sensor types. The systems use a 5U chassis for the platform for each 64-channel unit; multiple chassis can be Ethernet linked. Plug-in 4-channel signal conditioning modules each have a 16-bit ADC and digital signal processor and feature 100 kHz wideband response (5000 Series modules) or 400 kHz (6000 high-performance series modules). Modules are available for voltage, strain, temperature, acceleration, and frequency-to-voltage conversion. The DTX-5000 incorporates an onboard Pentium IV processor running Windows and provides interconnections for discrete outputs and Data MAX recorder interconnections.

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