Probes for Ultrasonic Testing from UE Systems

Probes for Ultrasonic Testing from UE Systems
UE Systems Inc.

UE Systems Inc., Elmsford, NY, offers U-Bend and Tele-Bend probes that permit ultrasonic inspection in difficult-to-access areas. Offered as options to the company's line of ultrasonic detectors, the probes plug into the instruments to allow readings of pressurized gas leaks, such as compressed air and steam, or vacuum leaks in tight places. The U-Bend is a bendable probe that fits Ultraprobe 10,000 and 9000 models while the Tele-Bend telescoping probe is available for Ultraprobe 10,000, 9000, and 2000 models.

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Company: UE Systems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 914-592-1220
Fax: 914-347-2181