PC/104-Plus Cards from Mesa Electronics

PC/104-Plus Cards from Mesa Electronics
Mesa Electronics

Mesa Electronics, Richmond, CA, offers the 4I72 quad-type III Mini-PCI adapter for the PC/104-Plus bus and the 4I71 stackable 8-port MAC switch. The 4I72 allows you to use 4 Mini-PCI cards such as IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN cards, in a PC/104-Plus system using only one PC/104-Plus slot. The 4I71 combines a 100Base-T Ethernet MAC with a 9-port switch, allowing you to easily connect multiple embedded system cards. The 8 Ethernet ports support autonegotiation. The Ethernet MAC is a Micrel 8842P with hardware TCP checksum calculation. Drivers are available for most operating systems.

Contact Info

Company: Mesa Electronics
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 510-223-9272
Fax: 510-223-9585