Multichannel RF Transceiver from Radiocrafts

Multichannel RF Transceiver from Radiocrafts
Radiocrafts AS

The RC11x0 from Radiocrafts AS, Oslo, Norway, is a multichannel RF transceiver with embedded protocol for use in M2M communications and sensor and control networks. The Series includes models for use in the 433, 868, and 915 MHz ISM bands and combines a high-performance multichannel FSK radio transceiver and a packet protocol handler with UART interface. The embedded RC232 protocol provides point-to-multipoint communications with individual addressing or broadcast and CRC for signal integrity. The module can be used as a wireless RS-232/RS-485 cable replacement; the only external component required is the antenna. The RC1140 (433 MHz) and RC1180 (868 MHz) modules are precertified for operation under the European license-free radio regulations while the RC1190 (915 MHz) is designed for operation under FCC regulations.

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Company: Radiocrafts AS
Country: Norway
Phone number: +47 4000-5195
Fax: +47 22-71-29-15