Miniature Triaxial Accelerometers from Dytran

Miniature Triaxial Accelerometers from Dytran
Dytran Instruments Inc.

The 3273A Series from Dytran Instruments Inc., Chatsworth, CA, are miniature triaxial IEPE accelerometers designed for modal analysis testing. The accelerometers are available in sensitivities of 10 mV/g, 50 mV/g, and 100 mV/g and have a low-end frequency response of –10% down to 0.31 Hz. Features include a laser-welded titanium design, ceramic sensing elements coupled to ultra-low-noise JFET electronics, an excellent SNR, a weight of 2.7 g, and large, laser-marked axis labels on three orthogonal faces. Applications include modal analysis, general triaxial vibration measurements, shaker control squeak and rattle, and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

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