Miniature Torque Transducers from Magnova

Miniature Torque Transducers from Magnova
Magnova, Inc.

Series MLY torque transducers from Magnova, Inc., Pittsfield, MA, are available with 3.17–4.75 mm dia. shafts for F.S. torque ranges from ±10 to ±250 mNm to ±400 mNm. A central active portion of the shaft, sized for the user-specified measurement range, generates a magnetic field proportional to the transmitted torque which is then converted into an electrical signal by a pair of diametrically opposed Hall effect sensors. Combined error due to nonlinearity and hysteresis is >1% of F.S. range. Transducers accommodate both rigid and shaft-mounted arrangements; torque may be coupled to the transducer shaft via gears, pulleys, and linkages.

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