Field Kit for Wireless IAQ Monitoring from Spinwave

Spinwave Systems Inc.

Spinwave Systems Inc., Westford, MA, offers a field kit for monitoring a building's energy efficiency and energy air quality and transmitting the information wirelessly for both onsite and remote energy measurement. The kit consists of one or more indoor environmental condition monitors, one or more wireless pulse counters for measurement energy usage, and a receiver. The monitor is mounted on a tripod and includes wireless sensors for measuring temperature, RH, and CO2 levels. A built-in repeater expands the range of the device. Data are transmitted wirelessly to the receiver, from which they can be collected using a PC or laptop. The wireless pulse counters attach to utility meters and transmit gas or electricity meter values.

Contact Info

Company: Spinwave Systems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 978-392-9000, x-227