Contactless Rotary Sensor from Penny + Giles

Contactless Rotary Sensor from Penny + Giles
Penny + Giles Controls Ltd.

The SRH880 from Penny + Giles Controls Ltd., Christchurch, U.K., is a contactless rotary Hall effect position sensor in a rugged aluminum or corrosion-resistant SS housing. The sensor has a 12 mm dia. shaft, an 88 mm housing, and an IP68M rating and is fully submersible and capable of operating at depths of up to 2 m. Operating from an 8–30 VDC unregulated supply, the sensor provides an electrical output over 90°, 180°, 270°, or 360°. Output is 0.5–4.5 VDC or PWM. Applications include rotary measurement in construction, agricultural, military, and utility vehicles.

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