Cat5e TPE and PUR high-flex outdoor industrial Ethernet cable shines in rough applications.

CMOS LDO regulators deliver drive currents up to 420 mA.

Proprietary M-SiC material and technology platform promises to deliver cost/performance parity against silicon devices in the $12.5 billion power device market.

HDR ISP core allows camera designers to move beyond restrictions imposed by current generation imaging sensors.

Demand grows for lithium power products at an unstoppable speed.

Due to increasing use in steel production, global graphite electrode market could reach new heights.

Masterflex ultrasonic flow sensors accurately measure flow without contacting the working fluid.

The PITe sensor offers a simple compact design, is maintenance-free, and exhibits almost no pressure drop.

Hall-effect-based current sensor IC integrates low-power conductors and up to 4.8 kVRMS galvanic isolation.