An IoT Framework For Gas Measurement

March 10, 2017 By: Lana Ginns, Fluenta

Sensors Insights by Lana Ginns

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the capability of businesses to measure and manage a range of previously standalone infrastructure. In flare-gas operations, businesses are deploying this capability to monitor flaring volumes remotely and seeing transformative results in terms of cost reduction, emissions management, and new revenue streams. While deploying this capability in gas-flaring operations will be crucial for the energy sector in the coming decades, any business that measures gas can adopt the same principles to increase efficiencies and generate new revenue streams.

The practice of gas flaring poses several concerns such as environmental and operational costs.
The practice of gas flaring poses several concerns such as environmental and operational costs.

Cloudy Conditions

Cloud technology has already made a significant impact on business operations for companies measuring gas. Whereas historically computing power was limited to on-site equipment, businesses now have access to almost unlimited computing power through the cloud.

While adoption within flaring operations is still in its infancy, the technology is poised to change gas management fundamentally. Remote gas measurement through cloud platforms can vastly reduce cost and, more significantly, risk. Operations in hostile and hazardous locations are more efficiently manageable and organizations can better manage risk. For the energy sector, this can also support the necessary management of greenhouse gas emissions.

Data Streams Are A Sea Of Potential

Gas measurement infrastructure can be difficult to access. In hostile environments, such as oil rigs, it is often hazardous for engineers tasked with operating and maintaining equipment. In both scenarios, remote access to measurement data can reduce cost. Historically it has been necessary for personnel to check whether assets are working on-site. This costs time and money and, for the oil and gas industry, means inserting a human being into a dangerous environment.

Cloud technology enables businesses to remotely monitor gas measurement assets and access real-time data feeds. The best platforms allow data to be accessed from multiple devices, anywhere in the world. Data is received instantly, insight gained quickly, and action can be taken as soon as possible. Wherever gas measurement occurs, access to improved information in real time enables more informed strategic decision making.

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