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Cees Links is the founder and CEO of GreenPeak. Under his responsibility, the first wireless LANs (WLANs) were developed, ultimately becoming household technology integrated into PCs and notebooks. He also pioneered the development of access points, home networking routers, and hotspot base-stations. He was involved in the establishment of the IEEE 802.11 standardization committee and the Wi-Fi Alliance. And, he was instrumental in establishing the IEEE 802.15 standardization committee to become the basis for the ZigBee sense and control networking. For more information, please visit the Green Peak website at

Consumers want Smart Systems Not Smart Things   January 8, 2016
By: Cees Links

A new way to market sensors to the Smart Home

Sensors Everywhere—The New Smart, Connected Home   April 26, 2013
By: Cees Links

The new smart connected home is finally becoming a reality. For many years pundits have been announcing the arrival of the smart home that can sense movement, temperature, location, and health emergencies and respond to the stimulus. What has taken so long? Two challenges have held back the...more >>

Next-Generation Sensor Networks using Energy Harvesting and Ultra-Low-Power Wireless   July 1, 2009
By: Cees Links

Power consumption is a central design consideration for wireless sensor networks whether they are powered using batteries or energy harvesters. Vital to success for either approach, however, is the need for hardware that uses power intelligently.


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