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Technical articles and tutorials on machine vision and optical sensors, primarily for industrial applications.

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Qioptiq mag.x system 125 now Optimized for 35 mm Camera Format Sensors   October 27, 2016

New 1.73x Tube Lens Enables mag.x system 125 Inspection Microscope to be used with Popular Camera Format for High-Resolution, Large Area Inspection and Imaging More>>

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Wi-Fi-enabled e-paper displays offer fast, simple, flexible updating    October 25, 2016

MCU-based EPD design is compatible with any of five different EPD panel sizes. More>>

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Sensor Armed For Battery-Powered Security Applications   October 24, 2016

Low-power 1080p HD PureCel sensor for battery-powered security applications features staggered double exposure high dynamic range. More>>

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Digital Microscope Helping Hearts   October 21, 2016

Researchers at Harvard University get a better look at heart disease and other ailments with fluorescent microscopy from KEYENCE. More>>

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ON Semiconductor Imaging Technology Plays Integral Role in World’s First Multi-Aperture Computational Camera    October 21, 2016

Space saving, power-efficient customized image sensors prove instrumental in bringing performance and functionality normally associated with DSLRs into smartphone size designs More>>

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Matrox Indio to Add Industrial Input/Output and Communication Capabilities to PCs   October 21, 2016

Discrete I/Os, Real-Time Synchronization, and Gigabit Ethernet Make Any Computer a Vision Controller for Industrial or Laboratory Settings More>>

Service Robots Open New Avenues for an Automated Workforce   October 21, 2016

As service robots take on jobs that are menial, boring, difficult, and dangerous, the human labor force is transitioning towards performing tasks that are more intellectual. More>>

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Renesas Electronics Delivers Highly Automated Driving Solution Kit to Accelerate Development of Autonomous-Driving Vehicles    October 20, 2016

Highly Autonomous Driving System Based on Renesas’ Automotive Dedicated ISO 26262 ASIL-B SoC and ISO 26262 ASIL-D MCU for Development of Safe ECUs More>>

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CAST Expands Streaming Video IP Line with Motion JPEG Subsystem   October 20, 2016

IP subsystem makes it easy for system designers to exploit the benefits of Motion JPEG for video streaming in many Internet of Things (IoT) and other applications.More>>

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VED Slide Calibrates Video Machines Quickly and Easily   October 19, 2016

A VED (Video Edge Detection) Calibration Slide makes it simple to calibrate pixel size of a camera within a Video Measuring Machine More>>




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