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Technical articles and tutorials on machine vision and optical sensors, primarily for industrial applications.

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ams Launches World’s First Digital Multispectral Sensor-on-Chip    January 17, 2017

AS7262 and AS7263 six-channel digital multispectral sensor ICs bring the lab to the sample to enable a revolution in consumer and industrial spectral analysis applications More>>

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Twelve New ace Camera Models with IMX Sensors from Sony    January 16, 2017

The series production of twelve new Basler ace models with IMX250, IMX252, IMX264 and IMX265 sensors from Sony's Pregius line has started. More>>

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Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module delivers low-cost development capabilities   January 16, 2017

Targeting embedded systems designers developing industrial applications, new Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module offers quad-core processing power. More>>

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Radiant Vision Systems Announces New Conoscope Lens for ProMetric® Imaging Photometer and Colorimeter   January 12, 2017

Conoscope lens measures color, luminance, and contrast of multiple angular distributions of light at once. More>>

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Optomechanical Device Forecasts Extremely Sensitive Motion Detection   January 10, 2017

Researchers create microscopic optomechanical device that traps light and mechanical waves within a tiny bullseye.More>>

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Dual-Camera Reference Designs Bring DSC/DSLR-Quality To Smartphone Cameras    January 9, 2017

Combining Color and Monochrome Sensors with Wide-Angle and Telephoto Lenses, Reference Designs Deliver Improved Low-Light Performance, Up to 10X Zoom, and Bokeh Portrait Effects More>>

8-Megapixel OS08A Image Sensor Delivers True 4K2K Video    January 5, 2017

8-megapixel PureCel sensor delivers two-exposure staggered high dynamic range. More>>

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Infineon REAL3 Image Sensor Brings Augmented Reality into ASUS Smartphones   January 5, 2017

The REAL3 image sensor plays a key role in the newest Augmented Reality (AR) smartphone by ASUS. More>>

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eYs3D Microelectronics and Etron Technology Jointly Launch 3D Real-Time Depth-Map Camera Module & IC Platform   January 5, 2017

Solutions Enable Further Growth in Trending Applications like VR/AR, Drone and People Counting More>>

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LG Breaks New Ground with 2017 SUPER UHD TV Lineup Featuring Nano Cell Technology   January 3, 2017

Combining Stunning Color, Active HDR with Dolby Vision and Minimalistic Design, LG's 2017 Offerings Set New Standards for High-End UHD TVs More>>

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