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Technical articles and tutorials on optical sensors, primarily for industrial applications.

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Unique Laser Light Headphones Can Help Identify Certain Individuals   March 24, 2017

Originally designed to offer safety for music listeners on a run, Spark Headphones has evolved into a fashionable accessory. More>>

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LASER COMPONENTS Diversifies Laser Module Portfolio With True Pattern Projection   March 24, 2017

MVstereo series digital depth sensing laser source eases 3D stereo machine vision. More>>

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Safety Laser Scanner Heralded As World’s Smallest   March 17, 2017

Compact scanner fits into tight spaces, offers unique master/slave functionality and dual zone protection. More>>

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Lockheed Martin to Deliver World Record-Setting 60kW Laser to U.S. Army   March 17, 2017

The Beam Combined Fiber Laser is the Most Powerful Laser of Its Type Yet Demonstrated More>>

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One Button Automated 3D Scanning Inspection System Is Fast And Accurate   March 17, 2017

CyberGage360 generates a highly accurate full 3D scan and report in just a few minutes More>>

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Security Systems Can Be Fooled By Aging Faces And Maybe Dried Fruit   March 13, 2017

Facial recognition may not mature on an equal basis with its subjects.More>>

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Camera Modules With BCON Interface Eye Embedded Vision Apps   March 7, 2017

Basler now offers its dart board level camera modules with BCON for LVDS interfaces. More>>

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Image Sensor Enables Safer Digital Radiography   March 6, 2017

High-sensitivity CCD image sensor provides video preview with low-dosage imaging.More>>

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Smart Wearable With Removable, ALWAYS ON 360° Panoramic/190° Hemispheric Camera   March 2, 2017

First smart wearable that features a removable 360° panoramic/190° hemispheric camera providing up to three hours continuous recording More>>

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Toshiba Introduces New Series of Gate Drive Photocouplers   March 2, 2017

A low-height SO6L package allows Toshiba's new photocouplers to contribute to the development of thinner, smaller systems. More>>

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