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Universal Stylus Initiative Releases Breakthrough Specification 1.0    September 23, 2016

Industry-First: Active Stylus Works Seamlessly Across Multiple Devices More>>

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Free Space Radar Level Transmitters Boast High Accuracy Levels   September 23, 2016

FMR10 and FMR20 measure liquid levels up to an accuracy of 0.08 in. at ranges up to 66 ft. Bluetooth wireless communications allow remote configuration via an app. More>>

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Long-Stroke Heavy-Duty LVIT Position Sensor Series Expands    September 23, 2016

The LRL-27 Series long-stroke LVIT position sensors expands with contactless devices designed for factory automation systems. More>>

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High Performance SuperShape Antenna Targets Telematics Applications   September 23, 2016

The SuperShaped AC30011 supports GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou satellites in a single antenna for location tracking and positioning applications using industry standard OBD-II form factor More>>

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PMC introduces a new Precision Pressure Transmitter With CANbus output   September 23, 2016

EPT1005 electronically compensated pressure transmitter provies CANbus outputs in several common protocols.More>>

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Intelligent Networkers: More Efficient Production with Networked Checkweighers   September 23, 2016

Industry 4.0 – the latest mega trend – is bringing IT directly to production lines, promising a more intelligent and efficient future for manufacturing. More>>

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BEI Kimco Voice Coil Actuator On-Board NASA's Spacecraft to Bennu   September 23, 2016

BEI Kimco Custom Voice Coil Actuator is on-board for historic sample-collecting mission. More>>

Sensors Expo Midwest 2016: Education And Applications Are Top Priorities   September 23, 2016

It’s nice to know what the ‘next big thing’ is, but it’s even nicer to know what you can do with it.More>>

Powering IoT Applications With Energy Harvesting   September 23, 2016

Current energy harvesting solutions are only gathering energy in the microwatt range, however new technologies have emerged that are easily able to harvest 10 mW or more consistently.More>>

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Sensors Expo Midwest 2016: Knowlege & Applications Are Tops   September 22, 2016

Know what's the 'next big thing' is great, knowing all its possibilities and opportunities is even better.More>>

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