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The Connected Home Is No Longer a Business-to-Geek Market   August 28, 2015

François Girodolle, Head of European Product Partnerships at Nest shares his views of the smart home industry and Nest's mission to create a more thoughtful home.More>>

Save Money With Home Automation   August 28, 2015

A bit of end-of-summer fun and some tips on how automation systems can make homes smarter and homeowners wealthier.More>>

Practical Electrochemical Sensors Using Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) Diamond Electrodes   August 28, 2015

Carbon electrodes are extensively used in many electrochemical sensors, with the carbon primarily sp^2 in nature. Of increasing interest are the potential applications for sp^3 carbon, i.e., diamond in electrochemical sensing.More>>

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Replacing Laser Diodes With LEDs, And Vice Versa   August 27, 2015

Laser diodes and LEDs both find initial application as light sources; however they differ in size, price, and power. Those differences are narrowing and LEDs are starting to prove themselves as viable alternatives.More>>

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Miniature LVDTs Ensure Accurate Measurements of From Noninvasive Bilirubin Meter   August 27, 2015

Gerium Medical's BiliCare Noninvasive Bilirubin Meter for neonatal jaundice screening is using a Macro Sensors Miniature LVDT Linear Position Sensor.More>>

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Quadrature Speed/Direction Sensor Reduces Failures And Downtime   August 27, 2015

The MagSpeed Quadrature output speed and direction sensor performs in potentially harsh conditions.More>>

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Established SLM Family Expands   August 27, 2015

The DLP9500UV is a digitally controlled MEMS spatial light modulator.More>>

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Distance Sensor Exploits Patented HDDM Technology   August 27, 2015

The Dx50-2 PRO distance sensor features a proprietary high-definition distance measurement (HDDM) platform...More>>

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Android app allows remote monitoring and programming of CirrusSense pressure transducers   August 27, 2015

Check pressure of refrigerants, water, oil, industrial gasses, etc. on mobile devices.More>>

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Smart Environment Platform Focuses on a More Intelligent Internet of Things   August 27, 2015

Open, end-to-end platform adds intelligence to contextual data about connected devices and their users.More>>



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